Isabelle’s Mix and Match Pieces Part 2

Hello, I’m back, and today I will review some of my mix and match pieces. This time, I’ll do my cream leotard and coral sweater. First, let’s start with the coral sweater. The sweater is very broad at the top. The sleeves are sewn on. The seam of the sweater is at an angle. I love this piece, it’s one of my favorites. I don’t know why they decided to make that Isabelle tag on it, maybe because if someone {Read More}

Isabelle in the Rain: A Photoshoot

It’s me, Isabelle. It’s been super cloudy and rainy all week. I went outside for a little bit, but it was cold and wet, so I went back inside. Mommy took some pictures of me while I was outside.     It took Mom a while to get this picture right. My eyes kept getting blurry and the camera kept focusing on my hat. Yes, my hat is cool, but, my eyes are prettier, ha ha. – Isabelle Note from {Read More}