Hairstyle: Fishtail Braid

Since today was Sunday, Kanani got into her church dress and I did her hair into a fishtail braid. It looks stunning on her. I have a lot of bright-colored clothes that look great with my dark-skinned dolls. This dress is the 2013 holiday dress from American Girl. I got it on sale for $18!! They might still be having the sale, so you should go check it out! I love this hairstyle. It is very easy to make and it {Read More}

Braid Hairstyle for Long Haired Dolls

Today, I made this cute, braided hairstyle for Kanani, and it is adorable. It’s a hairstyle perfect for summer! The style would be hard on short-haired dolls, easier on long-haired dolls like Kanani, Kaya and Josefina. I started on the right side of the doll’s head, and started a French braid. Part of the hair was sticking up, and that’s why I used that coral clip. Not until after, did I realize that this hairstyle almost looks like Elsa’s hairstyle, {Read More}