Spring Forward – Etsy Release 2017!

Hello all! 😀 Catlover02 and I are having an Etsy shop release this Saturday!! We’ll have clay food perfect for garden parties, and an exercise doll clothes collection! Here’s a sneak peek of some of the exercise clothing! There will be leggings and tank sets, yoga pants, muscle tanks, and more! 😀 Isabelle, Renae, and Sophie have been working up a sweat in the gym this week.. it helps that they have new clothing to motivate them! XD And of {Read More}

On the 9th Day of Christmas…

On the 9th day of Christmas, my best friend gave to me…

Isabelle’s Performance Photoshoot

Just because Isabelle is retired doesn’t mean she isn’t special anymore. She is very special to me. I love the sequins on her bracelet. So pretty! I love Isabelle. I love her smooth hair, her green eyes, and the way she looks in her ballet clothes. I am so thankful she is in my doll family. 🙂 – American Girl Doll Artist

Isabelle’s Last Dance Part 2

Isabelle sat in her wardrobe. A tear fell on her cheek. How could she forget? She knew would retire soon. Am I not good enough? she wondered. “Meow!” “Tutu!” Isabelle cried, “Come sit on my lap!” Tutu hopped up. She wiggled around, waiting for Isabelle to scratch her chin. Meanwhile, Jamie ran off the talk to Kanani. “Jamie?” Kanani asked, “What’s going on?” Jamie told her the whole story. “Well, I’ll go talk to her,” Kanani said, leaving Jamie alone. {Read More}

Isabelle’s Mix and Match Pieces Part 2

Hello, I’m back, and today I will review some of my mix and match pieces. This time, I’ll do my cream leotard and coral sweater. First, let’s start with the coral sweater. The sweater is very broad at the top. The sleeves are sewn on. The seam of the sweater is at an angle. I love this piece, it’s one of my favorites. I don’t know why they decided to make that Isabelle tag on it, maybe because if someone {Read More}

Isabelle’s Mix and Match Pieces Review

Hello everyone! It’s Isabelle here. I seem to be in the most posts right now. Maybe because I’m about to retire soon? I wish I wasn’t, but another girl will have the honor of being a GOTY. Anyway, today I will be reviewing some of my mix and match pieces, mostly the purple items: my purple leotard, my purple wrap sweater, my dance skirt, and my tights and leg warmers set. I will first review the purple leotard. This leotard {Read More}

Funny Friday: The Missing Shoes

Hello, Jamie here. Earlier this morning, I had just put on the most fabulous outfit. It had lots of pink in it. Now all I needed was the golden sparkle shoes. I couldn’t find them in my bedroom, where I left them last night. So I went upstairs to ask my sisters. None of them had seen them, so we started looking all around the house for the precious shoes! I looked under the bed…… Kaya looked in the accessories {Read More}

Hairstyle: Isabelle’s bangs

American girl has invented some pretty hairstyles for Isabelle. One the them in a high piggy tail with bangs. I have found to create the bangs! This hairstyle will work with other dolls too. Isabelle will be the model, of course! For the first time since I bought her, I took out her pink highlights. That made a huge difference will her hairstyles. I can now make good-looking braids and piggy tails. Buns are still hard though. First, pull your dolls hair back {Read More}

The Mysterious Illness Part 1

This is a series of the illness of a girl named Madison (Played by Sarah) and her friend, Sophia (Played by Isabelle). Madison’s mother is played by Kanani. After reading, please tell me what you think. This is based on a true story. *Part 1* Madison walked into the kitchen where her mom was serving Pizza Hut pizza. “Mommy, my stomach hurts.” “You’re probably just overly hungry.” Her mom said, “Why don’t you eat some pizza? It might make your tummy feel better.” Madison {Read More}

Isabelle in the Garden

Hello readers! It’s me, Isabelle. I finally get to write on here again. I went to my great grandmother’s house. She has a beautiful garden, and Mom took tons of selfies. Tons? Okay, well, maybe not tons. But, there is a lot. Enjoy my amazing photos that my mom took!             The last one is my favorite. Adios amigos! – Isabelle ♥