Getting Dressed

Greetings, my fellow fashionistas!! I, Jamie, just know you are in desperate need of some fashion tips. Luckily for you, I have decided to make a post! I feel as if I have not in FOREVER!! Today I will be showing you all how I pick my outfit for the day each morning. It is a VERY tedious and time-consuming task, so please, bear with me. Ah, there I am. I must say, my bed head looks quite beautiful. So, each morning {Read More}

My New Doll Drawing – 2017

    I’m finally ready to reveal my new doll drawing for the coming year! I really debated even making a new doll drawing. I mean, I really love the one I have now, and it even matches my blog theme!! (LOL) But it didn’t reflect my current drawing style, and two of my dolls were missing. So I decided to finish the drawing I had started in February. *smiles guiltily* This drawing is different from the one I have {Read More}

Soft as Snow: Jamie’s Snowy Photoshoot

Hello! It’s Jamie here. I hope you enjoy the fabulous photos of me, in my very fashionable outfit! I am a fashionista, you know. Aren’t my curls beautiful?? Thank you for reading! – Jamie 🙂 🙂

Funny Friday: The Missing Shoes

Hello, Jamie here. Earlier this morning, I had just put on the most fabulous outfit. It had lots of pink in it. Now all I needed was the golden sparkle shoes. I couldn’t find them in my bedroom, where I left them last night. So I went upstairs to ask my sisters. None of them had seen them, so we started looking all around the house for the precious shoes! I looked under the bed…… Kaya looked in the accessories {Read More}

Jamie Goes to Soccer Practice

Hello fans and followers! It’s me again, Jamie. Yesterday, I had soccer practice and Mom was taking pictures of me. It was really strange, but I let her do it anyway. Would you like to see them? Okay, here they are.   First, I had to stretch. This one was kind of hard. Once, I forgot to stretch, and I pulled a muscle. I don’t want that to happen again. Then, I did windmills. Push-ups are my least favorite exercise, {Read More}

Jamie at the American Girl Store!

Hello fashion fans! It’s me, Jamie the fashionista! You will never ever guess where I went yesterday! What? How did you know? Oh, yes, there’s that picture above my writing. Mom, you ruined my surprise! Anyway, Mom took lots of photos and I got to meet Caroline! I asked for her autograph, but she acted all confused. I mean, she’s a celebrity. How can she not know what an autograph is? I know what one is, and I’m not even {Read More}

Jamie at School

Here are pictures of Jamie at Innerstar U. She had a lot of fun on her first day.   Jamie picked out her outfit the night before. Her pink meet outfit is her favorite. She is also wearing her favorite earrings.   “I wonder who has the locker next to mine?” Jamie asked.   Jamie’s first class? Science! Jessica, (Jamie’s friend) goes to Jamie’s school, but she’s not in the same classes, so I didn’t get any pictures of her. 😉 {Read More}

Funny Friday

“Come on, let’s go check out the American Girl sale items.” Kanani beckoned to Jamie. “Ooo, good idea. Maybe there’s a new dress.” Jamie hurried after Kanani “There’s a laptop up on that table!” Jamie pointed. “Help me get up there.” “Okay, okay.” Kanani said. She helped Jamie climb onto a chair. After a few minutes (which seemed like 3 hours) they finally reached the top. “Now what?” Jamie asked. “Now I will put in the web address.” Kanani said. She started to {Read More}

Getting Ready for School Pictures – a photostory

Kaya and Kanani  were sitting on the Daybed. “Why is your hair like that?” Kaya asked. “I’m curling it for school pictures. I have a fishtail braid in the back,” Kanani explained. “Mommy already did my hair!” Kaya said, turning her head. She had a long French braid running down the side of her head. “That’s nice.” said Kanani, “It’s very pretty.” “What’s pretty?” asked Sarah. Kaya showed her hairstyle to Sarah. “Cool!” Sarah said. “I have a fishtail braid.” {Read More}

Funny Friday

Every Friday I’m going to try to post pictures of my dolls being silly and doing mischievous things. Here are the photos for this week! Thanks for reading! –American Girl Doll Artist 🙂