Festive Boredom, Festive Baking – A Photostory

Lea twisted the Perplexus ball she held in her hands. The ball rolled slightly along the track, advancing towards the next turn. If she wasn’t careful, the – CLANK. – ball would fall off the track. She set the ball of frustration onto the bed beside her and groaned. It was Christmas Eve, and Lea was bored out of her mind. It was too much to sit in the living room and watch TV while you could see a pile {Read More}

The Guiding Compass – Part 3

Lea looked up and nodded, “That’d be great, thanks.” “Okay, just follow me!” Grace exclaimed. Grace left the room with Lea at her heels and entered the spare room, which they had prepared for Lea with a trundle bed and a desk. “Here we are!” Grace exclaimed, spreading her arms out wide. “Your room!” Lea looked around. The walls were a little drab, but her eyes lit up when she spotted a paper sea turtle hung up on the wall {Read More}

Lea Clark on Good Morning America Tomorrow!

“Tune in for your exclusive first look at the 2016 Girl of the Year tomorrow on Good Morning America!” Thursday, December 31 7-9 a.m. (Check local listings for channel) I’ll probably just watch it later on Youtube or something. My family doesn’t ever watch TV in the mornings. I don’t even know what channel Good Morning American is! 🙂 Lea Clark is almost here! Only 2 more days! – American Girl Doll Artist