Gabe’s Promposal Painting

Last Saturday Gabriel decided to work on a very special something for his friend Jess!! The school prom is coming up and Gabriel is hoping to ask Jess to go with him. He just needs to make the perfect sign because he knows Jess has romanticized about this moment for quite some time.. I think Jess will say yes no matter how his sign turns out, don’t you? 🙂 Jess was out of the doll’s house that afternoon so Gabe {Read More}

Out with the Old, In with the New – Part 1

Humming a song to herself, Isabelle pranced and twirled across the house. In her hands, she carried several leotards and tutus, her dance wear from that week. Sarah was busy doing laundry and insisted that all the dolls put away their towering piles of clothing. It was Isabelle’s last trip down the hall and then she would be free to do whatever she wanted!! It was Christmas break, after all. Christmas break should not be spent on chores and laundry, {Read More}

Book Review: Doll Photoshoot

Today I went to Barnes and Noble. I looked everywhere for mini dolls or pets. I looked at the activity books from American girl and didn’t find any books that I loved. Then I looked at the activity books from other brands. I saw Pretty in Paper and Doll Photoshoot. They were separate from all the other AG books. I had completely forgot about it. I picked it up right away. Since I’m trying to learn photoshop, I thought it would {Read More}

Isabelle Photoshoot

Here are some photos I took yesterday of Isabelle, and few of my cat, Dottie (She is such a cutie!) 😛