Isabelle’s Evening Photoshoot

      This is my cat (one of 3) named Drex. He likes to eat a lot when he’s nervous. He gets nervous when we’re about to leave the house or go somewhere. -American Girl Doll Artist

Inkpot the Explorer

Hello, this is Inkpot the explorer. I am outside, well, exploring. Come along with me on my adventures, that is if I have any. Just as soon as I walked out the front door unnoticed, I almost collided with a giant orange creature. It looked as if it was a no-nonsense creature, so I left as to not get into any trouble. Whoever heard of a cat and cat fight? Hmmm, these flowers look nice. I wonder if they smell! {Read More}

Runaway Inkpot

“Hey Kanani!” Sarah said, “I was thinking about swimming  this morning. Do you know the temperature?” Kanani shook her head and said, “Nice outfit. I like the penguin shirt.” Sarah smiled, “Thanks. I know it’s summer, but I still wanted to wear it.” Kaya looked it up on the dolls’ iPad. “It says the high is 75 degrees,” she reported. Sarah sighed, “Aw man. Now what can I do? Today will be boring!” “You can take Inkpot on a walk!” {Read More}

Kanani Goes Outdoors!

  “What a beautiful day it is outside!” Kanani said, taking a walk, “I’m going to play camping.” She found some big rocks and made a circle. “Now, time for the sticks!” Kanani said. She looked for sticks around her camp ground. Then she arranged the sticks to look like a camp fire. “If only Kaya were here!” Kanani thought, “SHE could start this fire.” Kanani considered rubbing the sticks together, but refused. What if the fire got out of control? {Read More}