AG Sale: Summertime Savings 2015

A little over 3 pages of sale items has been added to the AG website. Titled Summertime Savings, most of the summer items that were just released are on sale. Samanthalover was just eyeing that ice cream parlor. 🙂 – American Girl Doll Artist  

AG Sale: Prices Reduced

American girl has reduced the price further on selected items!  The snow-much-fun set (the one with the snowman) is $18. The winter chalet is $60! Go to to see all the sale items. P.S. Hazel, the cello set is sold out. 🙁 – American girl doll Artist P.S. More posts coming soon. I just got back from a trip and am busy with school. 😉

New American Girl Sale Items!

Who doesn’t love sales? Especially when they are from American Girl? Today, I was looking on my phone and saw they have some new items on sale. From Saige’s collection! Yes, they really do! Saige’s tunic outfit, her pajamas, picnic set, helmet set, and accessories are all on SALE! How cool is that? I don’t think I will be getting any Saige items, since I don’t have Saige. Some of the other items are cool though. I like the Real {Read More}