Stuffed Up

It was morning in the doll household. Some were still sleeping.   Some were waking up for breakfast. Sarah and Josefina were first to the table. “I get the watermelon!” Josefina claimed. “I get the muffin and bacon!” Sarah said. They started eating just as Spring came up from behind with Crystal. Crystal looked as if she’d had a rough night.   “Hi, guys? What’s for breakfast?” She asked, gazing at all the delicious food. “Anything!” Josefina and Sarah said at {Read More}

Truly Me Summer Releases: My Thoughts

With all these new releases, it seems there’s something for every doll! Truly Me, Beforever, GOTY, Bitty Twins, and Bitty Babies all got something new this month. There’s so many items, I’m just going to do Truly Me items in this post. I think this puppy looks angry, maybe with the way it’s fur is positioned. To me, it’s just another pet. I probably won’t get it. I love this outfit. I really like the scarf because it’s great for {Read More}