AG’s Cyber Monday Sale 2016

One of the most long-awaited American Girl sales is finally here: The Cyber Monday sale. American Girl states there’s up to 60% on selected items! Here are a few of my favorite deals: Note: Maryellen’s Play Outfit doesn’t come with shoes. All the special edition minis are on sale for $14. If you have Rebecca, Kit, or Addy, now’s the perfect time to add an accessory set or two to your collection. Also on sale are two new outfits: It’s called {Read More}

The Guiding Compass – Part 22

It was moving day. The house was empty. Every box had been loaded up on the moving truck. The plain, yellow walls were blank. Only the dolls were left. “It’s gone.” Kanani said, as if she couldn’t believe it herself, “Everything is gone.” Grace usually didn’t feel sentimental, but she was today. It was a short stay – Grace had only lived in their house for a little over a year. But it felt more like home than any other {Read More}

American Girl Holiday 2016 Release – My Thoughts

Hello guys! Today I’m going to share my thoughts about each item in the holiday 2016 American Girl release. Since I already did Melody’s collection, today I’m doing the Truly Me, Wellie Wishers, and other Beforever items. 🙂 I’ll start with the Wellie Wishers. Winter Wishes Outfit – $28 This clearly resembles Elsa from Frozen, so I’m guessing AG will sell quite a few sets of this outfit over the holiday season. I think it’s very cute and am loving {Read More}

American Girl Melody’s Collection – My Thoughts

Hello everyone! As you all are guessing, I got up super early on Thursday to look at all the new releases on the AG website. And then I went back to bed. XD However, I was very excited about all the new items and am loving almost everything! Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts about Melody Ellison’s collection. 🙂 Melody Doll, Book and Accessories – $134 Someone already has asked if I’m going to get Melody, and the answer is {Read More}

The Guiding Compass – Part 19

The clouds in the sky threatened to pour. Exhausted from the long day of walking in humid weather, Lea was panting and sweating when Tay led her to an old, abandoned building. “You call that walking?” Lea gasped, “That was more like running!” “Shh!” Tay hissed, her brow furrowed in concern. She stood flat against the side of the building. Lea copied her. Tiptoeing, Tay snuck over to the corner and slowly peeked around it. She immediately threw herself flat {Read More}

The Guiding Compass – Part 18.5

I’m not sure if this really counts as a part.. It has a lot of crucial info to the story but I unfortunately don’t have any pictures. Since we have already moved, and this part is set at our old house, it doesn’t quite work. 😛 I hope you enjoy this “part” anyway! 🙂 And I have one coming soon (really soon). And it has pictures, I promise. 🙂 (As you read you can imagine the dolls in your head.) {Read More}

American Girl Store Haul – January 2016

Read this post to see what we picked up on our trip to the AG store this past weekend!

American Girl’s Grace Mistakes

Here are a couple of interesting things I’ve noticed that AG has messed up on. They are pretty interesting though! The first one is involving the pastry cart online. Here is the pastry cart’s first photo. Then, it shows the pastry cart without all the goodies. Did you notice what the sign said? Huh? Polka dot Patisserie? I noticed this because I printed out a picture of Grace’s pastry cart so I could make a coloring page of it. I {Read More}

Truly Me Summer Releases: My Thoughts

With all these new releases, it seems there’s something for every doll! Truly Me, Beforever, GOTY, Bitty Twins, and Bitty Babies all got something new this month. There’s so many items, I’m just going to do Truly Me items in this post. I think this puppy looks angry, maybe with the way it’s fur is positioned. To me, it’s just another pet. I probably won’t get it. I love this outfit. I really like the scarf because it’s great for {Read More}

June 2015 American Girl Fashion Show

With the roar of the crowd ringing in their ears, Spring and Jamie stepped onto the runway to greet the crowd. “Thank you! Thank you!” Jamie shouted to everyone. The shouts and cheers began to quiet down. “I am so delighted to be the host of tonight’s Fashion Show! With me is my assistant, Spring.” Spring smiled and waved, “Hello!” “We hope you have lots of fun tonight seeing the latest designs of clothing,” Jamie said.  “And one more thing: {Read More}