Tutu at Dusk

Bonjour! Tutu here! I have been dying to go outside! It is so nice out, and I am an inside kitty. Finally, Mommy (Catlover02) let me go outside under her watchful eyes. She took tons of photos of me and I LOVE posing for pictures!   Here, I am climbing a tree! We kitties need our exercise! I’m thinking of starting a yoga group for us all! Anyway, that is off subject. More pictures, please! This is me rolling around {Read More}

Hide and Seek

Tutu was on a very important mission. She was supposed to be finding a hiding spot, because she was playing Hide and Seek with her friends, Inkpot and Pepper. “Woof, woof, woof…” Pepper barked. He was almost done counting. Tutu thought fast. She always hid in a good hiding spot. Maybe this time she could hide somewhere easy, a place where her friends would never guess. She slid under the daybed. Pepper was done counting and scurried around looking for {Read More}

Tutu the Explorer

Tutu has been being very naughty and been running off to explore the house. Isn’t that right, Tutu. Tutu? Hmm… She seems to have run off again. Oh, well. Nighttime is when Tutu really gets into trouble, which is just what she did tonight. She was exploring the kitchen. First, she discovered the pots and pans. (We’ll have to wash them again.) She went into every single pot, even the ones in the sink. The pans were her favorite, because {Read More}