A Change of Scenery – A Photostory

Sarah slammed the door to the dolls’ house. She smiled, for she had purposely done it.


Glancing over at the Daybed, she couldn’t help overhearing the other dolls’ conversation.


“…so I still think Teddy Bears are best!” Samantha was saying as she held up her white plush bear.

“No way, sock monkeys are still the best,” Jamie said. She had 2 sock monkeys, one for each arm.

“Why?” asked Kanani.

“Uh, sock monkeys are modern.” Jamie said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“How can a sock monkey be modern?” Kanani asked.

“Never mind that!” Sarah interrupted, bursting with excitement. “I have great news!”


“Really?” Kanani asked, “What is it?”

“Is Mom taking me to the American Girl store?” Jamie questioned.

“Mom bought something awesome at a sale?” Kanani asked.

“Nope!” Sarah said, “We’re moving!”

“Moving!” Kanani repeated.

There was a moment of silence.

“Oh, you mean across the room!” Jamie said, thinking she had it figured out.

Kanani laughed, “Wow, you really had me going there for a second.”

Sarah giggled. “No, to a new house!”


Kanani gasped. “Are you serious?”

Sarah nodded.

Jamie slumped down on the daybed. “Ugh, we’re moving! I don’t want to move!”

Jamie’s disappointment didn’t damped Kanani’s spirits. “Moving! Yippee! I can’t wait!” She exclaimed. “When are we going?”

“In a few weeks!” Sarah said, “I can’t wait either. I heard there’s going to be hardwood floors there! Plus we’ll get to redecorate our house!”


“What’s going on?” Grace asked, peering around the wardrobe.

“Your family is going to move!” Samantha told her.


“I just got here!” Grace exclaimed, but then relaxed. “But it will be fun… I’ll go tell the others.”


Grace went and told Isabelle and Spring…


…who told Kaya and Bethany.

“Wow!” Bethany said, “Moving! I had no idea!”


Sarah went off to spread the word as well. She was so excited to move!


So yep! I’m moving! Not super far, just like 5 miles away. My dolls will have a “new” house! I have already picked out a spot for them in my new room (that I’ll share with Catlover02). I can’t wait to decorate their house. :)

I was already planning to write this story when I saw Wack-a-doodle-dolls’s post “Moving?” and thought it was pretty funny. Check it out HERE.

Thanks for reading!  A review is coming soon!

– American Girl Doll Artist

P.S. Do you like Grace’s jacket? I made it. :P


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  1. Good luck with the move! Is Grace’s jacket from the Pixie Faire pattern that was the freebie a couple of weeks ago? It turned out fantastic, love it!