My Updated Doll House Tour

I love changing my dolls’ house around. Since I share a room with all of my sisters, we have lots of doll stuff in our room. Catlover02 has her own doll house, and I have mine. Since my last doll house tour, my room has been rearranged a lot, and my dolls have moved around the room several times. I have seen a huge doll house on AG Doll Play (they have great crafts) and I wanted to make my own 2 story doll house. You can do this too!


This is how my doll house looks currently. I only used a small table and some wooden blocks to raise the table a few inches. I really like my house, and it takes up less room that a one story house. It’s pretty big though.


To the right is the other bed from Pottery Barn kids. The bed is cute, but it broke really easily. I might use some wood glue to fix it.


First, Kaya will show you the kitchen!

Hi everyone, Kaya here. I will take you on a tour of my favorite room in the house: the kitchen! Mommy make the stove out of a cardboard box. The other counter is Isabelle’s doll box that she came in. A mini frying pan is on the stove. The white box has some of our food in it. The sheep poster came from an American Girl calendar.


Next, we have the first bedroom. Kanani will introduce this room.

Hi, and welcome to the bedroom. This is the hangout place for all of us girls. The daybed has another bed that can be stored underneath when not in use.


On the dresser, there is Jamie’s earring tree, and Sarah’s favorite slinky. Doesn’t it look funny? Mom got the slinky for her at the dentist I think. The earring tree was from American Girl.

Well, that’s the house. We hope you enjoyed the tour!


– American Girl Doll Artist, Sarah, Jamie, Isabelle, Kanani and Kaya






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