Tour of the Dolls’ House

This is where my dolls live! They have tidied up the house so I could have a photo shoot. Everyone got up early this morning because they were so excited.

Kaya making breakfast.
Kaya making breakfast.

Kaya is making pancakes in the kitchen for her sisters.


The stove is made from a cardboard box, tape, paper and markers. The oven doesn’t open, but I could cut it with a craft knife so it would.

Kaya cooked the pancakes in a mini frying pan. The pancakes are thin, round pieces of wood coloring yellow and orange. The butter is a piece of craft foam.


The fridge is also made from a cardboard box. The doors don’t stay closed by themselves, so I’ve taped them shut. This also keeps the dolls from taking food from the fridge for “midnight snacks.”


The dolls eat their food at this table. It’s made from cardboard too. Cardboard is a material that has many uses!


Jamie puts her schoolwork in her locker, made from (yep, you guessed right) cardboard. I had inspiration for this when American Girl came out with their new school supplies (lockers, backpacks, etc.).


The dresser is made from a mini box. On top is Jamie’s library card, some piggy tail holders and a 2001 edition iPod.


The doll beds are from Pottery Barn Kids. They can stack up, or they can be single beds. I use pillowcases for bed sheets and I have sewn the pillows that are on the beds.


Sarah was playing with Isabelle and the sock monkey. The sock monkey was from the Des Moines Zoo gift shop, but it can be found in other stores.


“Pepper!” Jamie cried, “What are you doing in my bed?”



“ISABELLE! Put those pancakes down NOW!” Kaya yelled.


“Yummy!”  Isabelle said.


“Oh well.” Kaya groaned. “I guess I’ll have to make more pancakes. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some work to do! See you later.”

That’s the house! I hope you enjoyed the tour.


5 comments on “Tour of the Dolls’ House

  1. I love that you make doll furniture and accessories from scrap! I’ve done it before, and my younger sister especially loves doing it!