Introducing… The Guiding Compass – Part 1


I think it’s time to start my new series – The Guiding Compass.


As you probably have already guessed, the Guiding Compass is going to star Lea…












…and Jamie.

And some other people I’m not going to mention at the moment.

Without further ado, The Guiding Compass, Part 1!

*dim the lights*


Kanani Akina straightened the skirt of her blue, peplum dress and surveyed the room before her.  She and her 5 other sisters had put a lot of time into hanging the streamers…


…blowing up balloons…


…and setting up snacks for their guest.


A new sister was coming to live with them, and Kanani wanted everything to be perfect.


Turning to her sisters, Kanani said, “Alright guys, she’s going to be here any minute. We want to surprise her! So try to keep it down.”

Jamie blushed. She had just been in the middle of telling an exciting story to Isabelle.  It would have to wait. Isabelle slouched her shoulders, but continued petting her kitten Tutu, who was trying to climb up her legs.

“Jamie, what in the world are you wearing?” Kanani asked.

“Well, you said it was a party!” Jamie said, as if it was a good excuse for wearing a holiday dress at a welcome home party.

“Yes, but I… Oh, never mind,” Kanani sighed, and headed over to check on the snacks.


Grace gently rearranged the French pastries set out on the table for the party.

“Grace, are you nervous?” Kanani asked, watching her turn the vanilla cupcake a little to the left.


Grace shrugged. “A little. Why?” She asked, while turning the cake-stand.

“That’s the 5th time you’ve rearranged the pastries.” Kanani said with a giggle, “I’m sure they’re fine. Oh, you’ve got some frosting on your finger.”

Grace held up her hand and stuck the pink, messy finger into her mouth. She closed her eyes, savoring the sweetness on her tongue. “Do you think she’ll like the treats?”

Kanani laughed. “Grace, have you ever met someone who hasn’t liked your treats?”

“Well, no but -” Grace started.

“See? You have nothing to worry about.” Kanani assured her.


“Is she here yet?” Kaya asked innocently. With a mind of a 5-year-old, she loved to ask questions with obvious answers. Kaya looked around at her sisters, waiting for a reply.

“No, you’ll know when she arrives,” Sarah replied. Sarah was the practical one in the family, always watching out for her sisters in a motherly way.


The dolls were all silent as they focused on the front door. Any minute now, they would hear a knock.  The only thing that could be heard was Tutu purring and the clock ticking on wall.

“When can we eat the treats?” Kaya asked and everyone jumped.

“Shhh!” Kanani whispered.

“Why do we need to be quiet?” Kaya asked.

“Because…” Sarah trailed off, “Uh, why do we need to be quiet?”


“Because it’s a surprise party, of course!” said Jamie, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“I thought surprise parties were for birthdays!” Sarah muttered to herself, shrugging.

Just then, the doorknob began to turn.

*To be continued*

Stay tuned for Part 2 coming this Saturday!


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  1. yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NEW SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your stories! but, man! you REALLY know how to keep us hanging! i can not wait!! good job and good luck!!!