The Guiding Compass – Part 3

Lea looked up and nodded, “That’d be great, thanks.”

“Okay, just follow me!” Grace exclaimed.

Grace left the room with Lea at her heels and entered the spare room, which they had prepared for Lea with a trundle bed and a desk.


“Here we are!” Grace exclaimed, spreading her arms out wide. “Your room!”


Lea looked around. The walls were a little drab, but her eyes lit up when she spotted a paper sea turtle hung up on the wall as a decoration. The bright colors stood out against the plain walls. Lea smiled to herself. They must know I love sea turtles!  Lea spotted the vintage desk with a swivel chair next to the bed. “Can I put my bag here?” She asked, pointing to the chair.


Grace turned her head and said, “Oh sure, anywhere you like. I’ll leave so you can unpack and get situated.” Then she left.


Lea was left alone staring around the room, wondering what she was and wasn’t supposed to do. She didn’t want to start off on the wrong foot, but then again, had she already? It wasn’t exactly nice of me to get all nervous and rude in front of them, she thought.

She shook her head to clear her thoughts and set to work unpacking her messenger bag which was full to the brim with her belongs.


She took out her favorite wish bracelet with a turtle charm from Brazil. She smiled, remembering the words written on the ribbons: Yellow for harmony and nature, pink for friendship and love, and orange for strength and courage. Strength and courage. I could sure use a lot of that right now, Lea thought, and she slipped the bracelet onto her wrist.


The other desk cubbies were soon filled with her compass necklace, butterfly hair clip, photographs, and sunglasses.


Lea lovingly set her trusty camera in a desk drawer along with its strap. It should be safe there, she assumed, closing the drawer.


Lea turned to the messenger bag once more and took out the final item. The metal felt smooth and cool against her skin and she moved her hands over it, remembering where each button and each indent was. She knew it like the back of her hand. Her fingers found the gold, rectangular switch projecting from the side.


Lea looked behind her at the doorway to make sure she was alone. Spotting no one, she turned back to the device.


Lea held it out in front of herself, pointed it upwards, and pushed the button. A beam of light shot out several feet, blue as the sky itself.


It was a lightsaber.


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  1. AAAAAAHHH!!!! SHE’S A JEDI OH MY GOSH!!!!! SERIOUSLY, YOU ARE AMAZING!!! *dies a gazillion times*
    Okay, PLEASE tell me you aren’t going to make me wait a whole WEEK for the next part!!! I need it like…. TOMORROW! XD

  2. SHE IS PRINCESS LEIA!!! I totally thought it was a compass she was feeling OMG I’m just like WHAT? The whole time I’m thinking it’s just going to be a dream IM FREAKING OUT
    P.S. No time for punctuation and grammar