The Guiding Compass – Part 5

Lea awoke from her nightmare, panting. Her pajamas were damp with sweat.


Thankfully she knew where she was, and with a sigh of relief, she spotted her lightsaber on the desk, its metal hilt glistening in the morning sunlight.




Lea tossed off the covers and swung her legs over the side of the trundle bed. Peeking through a crack in the door, she saw no one. They’re probably not up yet, she thought. She grabbed her lightsaber and snuggled under the covers again.


Lea held the lightsaber hilt up to her face and tried to recall the details of her nightmare. There was an evil person in it, she remembered, and he was trying to take away something very close to her. But she couldn’t remember. For a long time, she laid in bed, thinking hard and staring at her lightsaber, expecting the answer to come to her.

She was thinking so hard she didn’t notice Isabelle when she appeared in the doorway.


“It’s time for breakfast,” she said, fully dressed.


Lea looked up. How long had she been standing there? She wondered. Lea quickly shoved the lightsaber under her pillow. “Alright, I’ll be out in a minute,” said Lea, hoping Isabelle would leave.  Thankfully, she did and Lea got dressed in her Bahia outfit after making her bed and laying out her pajamas.


She placed her lightsaber back into her messenger bag and slung it over her shoulder.  Taking one last look at the room, she closed the door behind her and went off in search of the other dolls.


When Lea found the dining table, the other dolls were already eating. Grace was serving scrambled eggs and pastries similar to the ones they’d had at the party. Lea took a deep breath, stepped into the room and called out, “Good morning!”


“Good morning!” the other dolls chorused cheerfully, glad to see that Lea was in better spirits. They went back to chatting among themselves but Grace stepped away from the table to inform Lea about the breakfast menu.


“Hi Lea!” Grace said as led her over to the counter, “We’re having cinnamon rolls, croissants, muffins, and fruit. You can pick out what you’d like. You can even make your own smoothie if you’d like.”


“Okay,” Lea replied, “Do you have any bananas?”


“I think so. I’ll go check,” Grace offered. She ran out of the room and raced back with a bunch of bananas in her arms.

“Thanks Grace,” Lea said. She tore one off from the bunch and placed the banana along with a cinnamon roll on her plate. Then she joined the other dolls at the table.



Only Jamie and Sarah were left, and Lea remembered that they had started eating earlier then she did. Lea gave thanks for her food and just as she lifted the cinnamon roll to her mouth…

“So, Lea,” Jamie started.


Oh please, don’t ask any personal questions! Lea silently begged, but she smiled and looked attentively at Jamie.

“There’s a big sale going on at the mall and some of us are going to go shopping this morning since it’s Saturday,” Jamie explained, “Do you want to come along?”

Lea almost fainted from relief and said, “That sounds like fun. I need some warmer clothes anyway; at least a jacket.” She looked down at her denim shorts and tropical sandals.


“Oh, I can help you with that,” Jamie offered, “I know all the latest styles.”

Lea couldn’t help but giggle.

The dolls finished their meal, and cleaned up the dishes. Then Kanani, Isabelle and Jamie went into their bedroom to freshen up.  Lea was already ready to go, so she stood by the front door waiting for them. Kanani and Isabelle had arrived shortly, but they were still waiting for Jamie.


“She said she had to change her shoes,” Kanani reported, “They ‘didn’t quite match’.” She laughed, along with Isabelle.


Isabelle and Kanani tried to swallow their giggles as Jamie walked up, wearing a new pair of boots, that oddly enough didn’t quite match her outfit either.


“Let’s go, girls!” Jamie exclaimed, leading the other dolls out the door and to the mall a few blocks away.

*To be continued*

Stay tuned for Part 6!

I was going to split this into 2 parts but I decided that since you were so patient today, you deserve a longer part. :)


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  1. Thank you so much!!!!
    Doing a fantastic job!!!
    Unfortunately I won’t be able read it on Saturday, but I still am excited for p.6!

  2. In American Girl Doll Artist, when will we be able to read part 6? And part 7? Are you all feeling okay? Is any one sick or are you all busy? ‘Cause if you are, that’s totally okay……. I was just wondering….. Thanks for what you have given us so far!

  3. Poor Lea, having a new family and nightmares dumped on her at the same time! But these photos are gorgeous, and the storyline is great.