The Guiding Compass – Part 6


“Woah,” Lea said, in awe as they stepped through the doors of a shop called Dreamy Designs.


There were clothing racks everywhere with signs that advertised their 50% off sale. Her mouth hung open as she took it all in. “I’ve never seen a store like this!”


“Pretty cool, huh?” Kanani asked, watching Lea’s reaction.


“This is actually one of the smaller stores,” Jamie said, acting like it was no big deal, “You must have not gone shopping much.” She pulled a dress out from the rack and held it up to herself.


Lea took a few more seconds to look around, and said, “I don’t usually go shopping.”

“Why not?” Isabelle asked, flipping through a clothing rack filled with tops.

“I just don’t,” Lea shrugged, hoping her answer would satisfy them. She pretended to pick at something on her messenger bag and remembered that her lightsaber was still in it.


“Did you say you were looking for cold-weather clothing?” Kanani asked, appearing from behind a rack of skirts.

Lea nodded. “I mainly have sleeveless dresses.” She felt her cheeks get warm. “I didn’t know how cold it would be here.”

“It’s fine!” Kanani reassured her. “I’ll help you look. Do you have a budget?”

“I have $100, but I only want to spend $50,” said Lea.


“That’s great. You can buy quite a few things with that amount and a few accessories too,” Kanani said. She took hold of Lea’s hand and guided her through the racks to one stocked with sweaters and winter gear where Jamie was.


“Hey, I’ll help too, I know what’s in style.” Jamie offered, immediately taking a white jacket off the rack and holding it up to Lea, who spread out her arms. “Too boring,” she muttered and put it back.


Next, she held up a multicolored sweater with heart shaped elbow patches. “Hm, looks okay…” said Jamie, hesitant, “What do you think?”

“I really like it, and it’s soft,” Lea said.

“Oh, it is. I have my own at home.” Jamie told her, “So would you like it?”

“I might, but is there anything else?” Lea asked. She wanted to see everything.

“Anything else?” Jamie exclaimed, “Look around you!”


Lea laughed.


Isabelle came up from behind them with a coral dress in her arms. “Guys, this is just like the dress Darica has! Now we can match!”

“Who’s Darica?” Lea asked.

“She’s one of our neighbors. She has red hair and loves clothing. Jamie and Darica hang out a lot, so you’ll probably meet sometime soon.” Isabelle said.


Lea went back to the clothing rack. “I like this one,” She said, holding up a pink sweater tunic.

“I have that sweater too,” said Jamie.

“She’s owns everything in this store,” Isabelle whispered to Lea with a mischievous smile.

“I do not,” Jamie protested.

After a bit more browsing, Lea picked out the pink sweater, some jeggings and a pair of tennis shoes.  Near the checkout was a display of random accessories.


“Here Lea, you should get this!” Isabelle suggested, pointing to a creative journal. “You could write all about your adventures! It’s only $10. ”

“It’s nice, but I don’t have enough money for it.” Lea said.

“Then I’ll buy it for you,” Isabelle announced, placing it on the counter with the rest of their items.

“Thanks,” Lea said gratefully. She wondered why they were all being so nice to her, but she didn’t say anything. After all, she was their new sister. Weren’t sisters always fighting about everything? A moment later, she thought, then again, what do I know about sisters? I’ve never been in a family!


The cashier checked everything out for them and put their purchases in shopping bags. Taking their bags, the dolls walked out of the store back into the mall.


“Jamie, actually I don’t want my purse. Can you put it back in the bag?” Isabelle asked.

“Why? Is it too heavy already?” Kanani joked, and everyone laughed.

“Where should we go next?” Jamie asked.

Kanani pointed to a small store behind her. “Look, there’s a smoothie stand! Let’s get smoothies!”


“Uh, it’s almost lunch. We don’t want to ruin our appetite,” Isabelle insisted.

Kanani elbowed her playfully, “You sound like Mom,” she said, pretending to pout.

Lea liked how playful and fun her new sisters were, but she felt it would be a while before she actually fit in. She was pretty different.


Suddenly, her messenger bag started vibrating, and Lea remembered she had packed her phone.


She pulled it out and looked at the screen. The phone number looked unfamiliar to her, but she felt the urge to answer it.


“Sorry guys, I gotta get this,” Lea said, hoping they would understand. The other dolls nodded and began looking at their recent purchases while they waited.


After walking a few feet away, Lea pushed the answer button on the screen of her phone and held it up to her ear. “Hello, this is Lea Clark,” she said.

Though there was no answer, Lea could hear someone breathing. “Who is this?” She asked.

“Bring it to us,” A hoarse voice demanded. It gave Lea the chills. “The lightsaber. Bring it to us or you will pay.”

They hung up.


“Hello? Hello?” Lea asked. Her fingers were shaking and she felt weak. She didn’t know who it was or why they wanted her lightsaber, but she wanted to go home. Now. Lea turned back to the other dolls who were still going through their shopping bags.

“Are you ready to go to the jewelry store?” Jamie asked.


“Um, actually, I’m not feeling well,” Lea replied truthfully as her voice shook. Her stomach was beginning to hurt.

“It’s almost time for lunch anyway,” Kanani said, “We should probably go home.” She shrugged and picked up her shopping bag from the floor. Isabelle, Jamie and Lea followed her to the entrance of the mall.


Lea took one last look at the mall behind her, half expecting someone to leap out at her and grab for her messenger bag.  How had the fun trip turned so awful? With a million questions swirling around in her mind, Lea followed the other dolls outside and down the street towards home.

Stay tuned for Part 7!


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  1. I love how you set up the mall scenes! It looked like they were really at a doll sized mall!! ;) I am so excited for the next part!! I am seriously sitting on the edge of my seat!

    • Excuse me? My heart is racing … I’m dead… Those do not quite go together. LOL! :) Well, then I have great news for you! I’ve already taken the photos for the next part! :) All I have to do is edit them so most likely the next part is coming on Saturday. No promises though! ;)

      • LOLOL! You’re right, you’re right. But you know, it’s not the ACTUAL type of dead. If that were the case, I would have resurrected about a gazillion times XD
        OH YAAAY!!!! I’M SO EXCITED!!!!! :D
        Oh, and I saw your response to Emma at me using the Jedi mind trick on you…. I’d say I did a pretty good job…. *mischievous grin* XD

  2. OOOOH!!! Oh my gosh, I can not wait to see what happens next!O.O EEEEEEEE!!!
    *more fan girling*
    So, does that mean Lea’s light saber doesn’t belong to her? Hmmmm….

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!creepy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ok, funny story. so I am checking all the blogs I follow, and all of my siblings are watching my sister play a video game, and Then I scream “She posted the next part!!” and they all shriek “REALLY?!” and run over so I can read it to them. And the funny thing, is that we all giggled and gasped at the same time, and when it ended we yelled at the same time!

  4. Omigosh, American Girl Doll Artist, that shop is amazing! Great job!
    This is my fave part so far… can’t wait to see what the next part brings!
    <3 , IrishAG

  5. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! This is a great way to end my evening!!!!! Thanks So much!!!!
    BTW I really like how you made the stores and stuff. You are lucky to have all those cute clothes, I’m sure Jamie and everyone has fun. You dress your dolls in really cute clothes. I usaully like American Girl’s clothes…… But they are just too expensive, or I have the money, but I just feel like it isn’t worth it. As I get older, I find it harder to play my horse and I only get her out to be a model for the clothes I make.
    My doll is like 6 or 7 years old and:
    Has no hair
    Is kinda dirty
    Had no teeth
    And is REALLY loved!
    So thank you for having this awesome blog and for posting the next part! You are really appreciated. My God bless!
    – Emily Anderson

  6. Oh my goodness…. Did I just say horse? I meant doll.
    She’s a Molly doll, and her name right now is, are you ready?
    Alexandria Victoria Charlotte Olivia Grace Emma! Can you they’ll I could choose a favorite?

  7. No, don’t restrain yourself!!!XD Jedi mind trick, you say? Hmm…..maybe if Jaclynn and I combine our Jedi mind tricks and use them on you then we can get you to post it more often…;)

  8. *waves hand* You WILL post The Guiding Compass three times a week… And tell us who the villain is.
    -Padawan Emma-

  9. Oh sorry! I forgot which one it was!? That’s embarrassing….. So about part 7…….…? Sorry if I am being a little too pushy!