The Mysterious Illness Part 2

Madison woke up early the next day and went to the doctor with her mom.

“I’m sure the doctor will know what’s wrong,” said Madison’s mom, “Make sure you tell her all of the details and don’t leave anything out.” “I will, ” Madison promised.

Just then, the doctor, Ms. Katie came into the room holding a folder and a pencil. “Hi Madison!” she said, “How are you?” “Pretty good,” Madison said. Ms. Katie gave Madison her check up. She checked her heartbeat and her eyes, mouth and nose. “Is there anything else you want to tell me, or ask?” Ms. Katie said when it was almost time to go.   “Well, I’ve been having problems with my stomach. It hurts all of the time and I have bumps on my knees and elbows that itch a lot.” Madison explained. Ms. Katie turned to Madison’s mom. “Do you have any idea what could be wrong?” Her mom thought for a moment. “I was thinking that it might be problems with wheat, or another food.”

  Ms. Katie almost laughed. “Problems with wheat is only found in one in 133 people. I highly doubt that is your problem. If she had Celiac disease, caused by wheat, she would be dead as a baby.” Madison’s mother frowned. Ms. Katie continued, “Her problems are probably causes by anxiety. When her stomach is hurting, give her some Pepto Bismo to help it.”

Her mother agreed, but in her mind she was thinking, “No way am I giving my child Pepto Bismo.” They said good-bye to the doctor and went home.

Madison ran to her room and started to cry. Would anyone help her? Would she every get well? Stay tuned for Part 3! – American Girl Doll Artist :)


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