The Mysterious Illness Part 3

Madison’s mother decided that it would be best if Madison had her blood drawn at the hospital. She wanted to see if Madison tested positive to Celiac Disease.


At the hospital, Ms. Katie drew Madison’s blood.

Ms. Katie was annoyed with Madison’s mother. Why did she go ahead and make Madison have a blood test after I already told her that Madison doesn’t have Celiac Disease? she thought. It’s ridiculous!  But she didn’t say anything out loud. She wanted to remain on good terms with Madison.

Later that week, Madison went over to Sophia’s house for a play date. They sat on Sophia’s bed with her new dog, Pepper.


“It seems like I haven’t seen you in forever!” Madison said, “How are you?”

“Pretty good. I am having migraines once or twice every week.” Sophia said, “I really want to get better, but nothing seems to be working!”

Madison frowned, feeling sorry for Sophia. She stroked Pepper soft fur. “That’s exactly how I feel. A few days ago, I had a blood test at the hospital. We should be hearing back about my test. I hope I test positive for Celiac Disease. Then my mom will know what’s wrong.”

“I wish my mom knew what was wrong too.” Sophia said. “Wouldn’t it be funny if we both had the same problem?”

“That would be funny, ” Madison admitted, “But I don’t think we do. You don’t have any of the symptoms that I have. Yours are completely different!”

“Right.” said Sophia.

After the play date, Madison went home with her mom. Madison was playing in her room when her mom rushed in.


“Guess what Honey!” said Madison’s mom, “I have some great news!”

What do you think the good news is? Did Madison test positive or negative? Stay tuned for Part 4!

– American Girl Doll Artist :)


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