The Mysterious Illness Part 4

And now, for the long-awaited Mysterious Illness Part 4. Thanks for being patient. ;)

Madison tested negative for Celiac Disease. But her mom read online and in books, that people can be sensitive to gluten, but not have Celiac Disease. Madison’s mom eliminated gluten from Madison’s diet to see if Madison would get any better.

Madison couldn’t eat cinnamon rolls, donuts, and other items containing gluten. Most of all, she missed her daily PB & J sandwiches, but her mother found yummy gluten-free bread for her to eat.


Instead of eating lots of junk food, Madison also started eating lots of fruits and veggies. Because like her mother found out, even gluten-free food can be bad for you. It usually has lots of sugar.


Madison’s mother had to spend a lot more time in the kitchen. Even though she wasn’t much of a cook, she had to bake goodies (like pancakes) for Madison to have. Everyone should have a treat now and then, right? :)


Madison tried not to complain. Sure, she missed all of her favorite foods like cake and other things, but she had new types of goodies. Plus, her stomach wasn’t hurting as much, but it was still hurting occasionally. She knew taking gluten out helped her tons. Her itchy bumps started to disappear for the first time in years. Madison was thankful, but she still thought something else was wrong. But what could it be?


What else could be wrong with Madison? Does Madison’s health problems sound similar to some ones you have? There are lots of other symptoms as well, like brain fog, to joint pains.

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