The Mysterious Illness Part 5

Madison’s mother decided to read more on food sensitivities. She took Madison to Coconut Clinic, where holistic doctors worked. Holistic doctors help you heal your body inside out, and Madison was hoping that the doctors would help her.


Her mother checked in at the front desk. Madison’s stomach was starting to feel funny. She was excited, but nervous at the same time.


Madison followed her mother down the hall to a different room.


Madison sat down on a large, but strangely shaped table. Then the doctor, Dr. Amy came into the room.

“Hi Madison! I’m so glad you could come!” Dr. Amy said cheerfully.

“Um, hi!” Madison replied.

“How are you?” Dr. Amy asked.

“Fine.” Madison said, but it wasn’t really true. Her stomach was hurting and she didn’t get much sleep the night before.

Dr. Amy got right down to business. Madison was really amazed at how different she was from the doctors at the hospital. Instead of just typing on her computer while listening, she actually listened to how Madison was feeling.


Madison’s mother said that Madison was short for her age.

“Have you taken dairy out of her diet yet?” Dr. Amy asked.

Madison’s mother shook her head.

“I would recommend doing that, and I think this probiotic will help her get yeast out of her stomach. She probably has too much yeast, which is part of her stomach problems.” Dr. Amy handed Madison’s mother some little capsules in a bottle.


“Now, Madison, lie on your stomach on the table.” Dr. Amy requested.

Madison did as she was told.


Dr. Amy pushed on Madison’s back and made it straight. She twisted Madison up like a pretzel. Madison’s back popped loudly.


All too soon, it was time to go. Madison was sad to leave. She liked Dr. Amy. She understood what Madison was going though, and she knew how to help.

“Mommy,” Madison asked, “Do you think I am getting better?”

“Yes. I hope this pills will help you even more, and taking out dairy will help a ton too.” Madison’s mother replied.

Stay tuned for part 6!



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