Jess Face Mold Change

Catlover02's faveAsian Doll

When I first saw TM 64, I knew that she was different from the other Asian dolls, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. This morning, I did! I realized the thing that makes 64 different is her eyes. Her eyes have slits cut out on either side of each eye. This makes her eyes look wider. Personally, I really like it. Now she’s my favorite Truly Me doll.


I used to like the doll on top, but now I like 64 a lot.

No more dolls…no more dolls….no more dolls……

At least not for 6-9 months…..

Do you ever really want or like a doll, but tell yourself not to, because you have “too many dolls”? Let me tell you: It doesn’t work! :) I know from experience.

– American Girl Doll Artist


4 comments on “Jess Face Mold Change

  1. Oh wow! That is really interesting. I really like #64, too. The thing they did with the eyes looks good, and realistic, too, I think. I think she is cuter than the other Asian dolls, and I’m starting to love her!

  2. The dolls really do have a difference in their face molds! I know what you mean by telling yourself no if you want to buy a doll. I want Mary Ellen for Christmas but I might not have enough room in the dollhouse!