American Girl Black Friday Sale + 20% Coupon Code

American Girl has a lot of Black Friday Sale items. promo2924-249104.jpg

There is also an awesome coupon code: GIFT20. The coupon works through  December 12th.


American Girl sent out 20% off coupon codes in some random holiday magazines, but the people who received them, thought they would sell them on Ebay. Some people were pretty upset. So I guess this is American Girl’s way of making up. If you were to buy the bakery, ($500), then with the coupon, it would be $400. :) Pretty great, huh?


I’m still waiting for the pastry cart to go on sale – at least, I’m hoping it will…

– American Girl Doll Artist


9 comments on “American Girl Black Friday Sale + 20% Coupon Code

  1. I’m sad that there’s not a lot of good doll items on there. :( I was expecting more Grace and Truly Me stuff, oh well. I AM happy that one of my favorite items are on there; the fancy pet collar! I really like that. :) I’m a little surprised that some of Caroline’s not-sold-out-yet items aren’t on there….

    -American Girl Doll Crafter

  2. I think that almost all regular priced merchandise, with a few exclusions, such as the diner, are part of the 20 percent off sale. So most dolls should be 20 per cent off.