American Girl Catalog

My AG catalog came in the mail today. All the pictures look so neat. The way they set up the scenes is amazing. In one picture, two dolls are looking into the window of a pet store. It looks like American Girl has set up a whole town for the dolls!
Anyway, I flipping through it and I saw something on the bitty baby page: Sale on Bitty Babies! Now $60 for a limited time only. Enter code “BITTYSALE” at checkout. That surprised me.
I used to have a bitty baby, but I donated it. It had blue eyes and blond hair. It was cute( like all the other babies) but I just didn’t play with it.
I didn’t see My american girl dolls on sale. :(
Thanks for reading! I’ll take pictures of my catalog and post them tomorrow. Bye for now!
–American Girl Doll Artist :) :)

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