Blog Update

This is just a quick post. Today, I drew a picture of all my dolls: Isabelle, Kanani, Sarah, Kaya and Jamie. I am currently using it for my blog header photo. I hope you like it! :) It took me a little over an hour. Using a ruler, I drew straight lines across the page, so the dolls would mostly be the same size. It worked for me! :)
If you would like a picture of your dolls, tell me who they are and I will draw them. Then I will take a picture of it and post it.

P.S. My next post will be my 30th!



14 comments on “Blog Update

  1. I have a challenge—12 DOLLS!? I have TM 55, Luciana, TM 60, TM 74, Tm 76, Joss, TM 83, Julie, Tm 33, Cécile, Molly, and Felicity.