Book Review: Doll Photoshoot

Today I went to Barnes and Noble. I looked everywhere for mini dolls or pets. I looked at the activity books from American girl and didn’t find any books that I loved. Then I looked at the activity books from other brands. I saw Pretty in Paper and Doll Photoshoot. They were separate from all the other AG books. I had completely forgot about it. I picked it up right away. Since I’m trying to learn photoshop, I thought it would help me with my photos. It’s a really cool book! It has lots of great advice in it and the pictures they put in it are amazing. Onto the review.
It comes with the case for the book and all the accessories.



Here is a mini book about how to make stop motions, and a photo album to put your pictures in.



The stickers are for the photos, like if you wanted to make a character say something. Fun! You can make your doll hold the picture frame for a cute photo. The little bag hold little bands to make your dolls hold stuff. You can see my hand’s reflection on the glass. :)



There are also some posters and a player kite prop.



These are cards to send to friends with a blank spot to attach your photo.



These are the last accessories. 3 huge posters are included. As shown in my next picture, you can use them to put your doll in front on them. If you get the lighting just right, it will look like your doll is in the photo!



I really need to work on my lighting. ;)


I rate this book kit 5 stars! It is the best American Girl kit I’ve ever owned. The accessories are cute, and helpful. I love the photos and advice in the book. If you have a doll blog or if you are interested in doll photography, this book is perfect for you!

–American Girl Artist :)

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