Etsy Shop Release 12/2/17 – Christmas Eve!

Hey guys! I’ve got some news to share – Catlover02 and I are having a release in our Etsy shop Peppermint Pursuits today (December 2nd) at 4:30 CT. We hope you join us! I personally can’t wait to share everything I’ve been working on. I have just loved making doll-sized holiday fashions. They’re definitely going to be better dressed than I am this holiday season!

Here are a few sneak peeks of what we’ll have available. 😀


White Velvet Top and Reindeer Pajama Pants


Holiday Plaid Top


Maroon Velvet Top and Floral Jeans


We’ll have these pieces and more available (with clay food) this afternoon! If you want something, be sure to stick around – these are predicted to go quickly!

Who’s excited for Christmas? 😀

– Dara (American Girl Doll Artist)


AG Doll Artist About AG Doll Artist

Hey, I'm Dara! I'm the main blogger here at Small Dolls in a Big World. I love sewing, drawing, and photographing my dolls. I started this blog in 2014 and have been blogging ever since. :) A lot of the time you can find me on Instagram where I share my latest work. (@americangirldollartist)


  1. These are adorable!

  2. So pretty! I loved the first outfit!

  3. Avatar olivehiddenhollow says

    ahhhhhhhh so pretty! I’m following your instagram, and your photos are just beautiful! 💜
    Most crazily, ~Olive

  4. You’ve done it again, Dara! <3 These fashions are gorgeous. I'm excited to see Catlover02's clay creations as well- Merry Christmas!

  5. Aww, they are so cute! I saw on your Instagram the first picture. I was actually planning on buying the white velvet top and reindeer pants- if, I have enough money and it doesn’t get bought.
    I’m also just wanted to ask if you guys were ok, cause you hadn’t posted in a while till now.
    P.S. And, yes, I am SO excited for Christmas! It’s going to be much different this year though.

  6. I love the clothes!

  7. These are so pretty!
    Why were you gone so long?

  8. All of these clothes are so cute!
    ~Tori, Bella, and the dolls

  9. SO CUTE!!!!! I just have a few questions:
    Do these outfits come together as a set?
    How much do the PJ’s cost??
    This is a really great post!

  10. These are so cute! Can’t wait! 😀

  11. Those items are so cute!!

  12. I liked the 2nd and 3rd outfits best! I haven’t sewed much, but I’m trying to make things for my dolls!

  13. Avatar quinleytheelf says

    Lovely outfits!:) Felicity looks beautiful in them.

  14. Adorable! Lovely! Nicely done and very well staged!


    Darn it, I wish I could’ve made my wishlist after the release! I was looking around your shop on Etsy for things to ask for Christmas on Black Friday but wish I could’ve done it after this. Waaa. XD


  16. Avatar quinleytheelf says

    your doll’s clothes are beautiful!:)

  17. Cute! Bye the way, I switched my blog to wordpress

  18. Avatar Rachel Eimer says

    I am excited for Christmas! I love all the things you and Catlover02 make. You are so creative.

  19. Wow! Great outfits and photos!

  20. Avatar Alex McDonald says

    Wow stunning outfits

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