Full Sized Lea Clark Doll Leaked!

Here’s a stock photo of Lea Clark, Girl of the Year 2016!


Although I do think she’s pretty, I’m not sure if I want to buy her yet. What do you think of her? She seems to be coming with a necklace, maybe a compass, and a messenger bag. Her hair looks very pretty, but AG just had a Josefina face mold for a GOTY. And Maryellen who was just released has hazel eyes. People think Lea has light hazel or gray eyes.

This picture was found on multiple instagram users’ profiles.

– American Girl Doll Artist


22 comments on “Full Sized Lea Clark Doll Leaked!

  1. I think she is kind of pretty, but maybe her skin-tone clashes with her hair? I’m not sure, just something doesn’t quite look right….
    Honestly though, I’m disappointed in AG for not making a DOC GOTY. They are long overdue, and they are still dropping the ball in representing all girls… to many white girls and not enough Black, Latina, Indian, just generally non-Caucasian… Come on AG give us a Doll of Colour for a Girl of the Year!!!!!!

  2. This is probably the first GOTY I am seriously thinking of getting for my daughter. The last few have been less than impressive, but Lea is very pretty and hopefully has a good back story. But, I do believe they need a lot more diversity in their dolls.

  3. Honestly it’s her hair and skin that get it for me. Her hair is just so pretty! But I’m not too keen on her face mold. It just doesn’t fit her. This is the first GOTY I’ve seen leaked images of before release date, and she’s beautiful! But I’m still not sure if I want to get her.

  4. I can’t decide! I really didn’t believe in her, but evidence kept popping up, and now it official. I don’t like that she is going to a different country again. They just did that! I do think she is pretty, but I don’t know what I think of her.

  5. She is very pretty! Although I agree with you, it seems to be a hodgepodge of recent characters.
    People are complaining she doesn’t see, to be mixed race, but the medium skin (like Josefina) with blonde hair could mean she is.
    I really want her now, even though I have Josefina!
    Thank you for showing this to us !

  6. I love her!!! I think her medium skin and caramel hair go great together. I also LOVE her eyes! I think they are Amber-hazel. They might be a new color.. The only thing is- she doesn’t look like her mini doll at all.

  7. Rebecca with lighter, longer hair and a tan. I think I will pass, she’s just not different enough for me. And why do they keep doing back to back dolls with the same face molds?

  8. I keep telling my self to not like Lea………but its just not working! She is a very pretty doll and I think the bag is cute. I also like the book illustration. I will probably end up getting her! ;D

  9. Her eyes, hair, and skin are beautiful! Plus I love her meet outfit. I don’t know if I’ll get her though… Dolls are so much money, I can’t just buy every single one I think is pretty. ;-) It would be neat to have a girl of the year doll though… I don’t have one yet!

  10. I am finally able to admire lea. My mom thinks she looks like me and I like her way better than mary ellen. i am going to save up for her instead of Mary ellen, I don’t have a GOTY so she is perfect, Do you know if they are coming out with any more new dolls?
    I think Lea looks like Kanani or Marisol. I think we are going to KC soon and i was planning to get mary, but know want to wait till January 1. Ugh and yay.

    • Well, there is rumored to be another African American doll to come out on January 1st as well, but it doesn’t seem likely that AG would release 2 important dolls on the same day.
      I like Lea too. Maybe I will buy her, I’m not sure. Maybe I’ll be decided around my birthday. ;)

  11. She’s cute, but she probably won’t top Grace Thomas. She also looks like Kanani’s double but im going to pass on her this year.

    But at least she’s cute
    P.S Don’t you think she looks like a teenager??!?!