Funny Friday

Okay, here are the week’s pictures. Enjoy!

“Hey Isabelle, what do you think of my outfit? Isn’t it very fashionable?” Kaya asked.

Isabelle, not wanting to hurt Kaya’s feelings, said, “It’s very you!”

“Thanks!” Kaya said, twirling around and watching her skirt flow around her.


Pepper: Hmmm… I smell a cat nearby! Where is she?

Inkpot: Uh-oh. I hope he doesn’t see me, um, I mean, smell me.


Pepper: Woof woof woof!



Sarah barged in on their fight. “Break it up! Break it up Pepper and Inkpot!” She grabbed a pillow and threw it to the other side of the bed. “Pepper, if you ever do that again, outside for YOU!”



“Hey Isabelle, watch me twirl. I’ve been practicing! How do I look?” Sarah spun around and around until she almost crashed into the wall.

Isabelle tried to hide her giggles. “Good job! I’m sure if you keep practicing you’ll be as good as me!” she said.

Sarah spun out of the room.

That’s it for Funny Friday. Thanks for reading!


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