Funny Friday: Kanani’s Shopping Trip

“I am going shopping!” Kanani called out one day, “Does anyone else want to come?”



Only Kaya was around, but she didn’t want to go. She just said, “Oh well, have a fun time!”

Sorry for the blurriness. ;)


“Bye!” Kanani said, grabbing her purse and heading out the door.

As soon as she stepping in the clothing store, she saw a poster advertising new holiday dresses. Kanani instantly fell in love with the navy one.


“I must have it!” Kanani though to herself. Then she pictured starving children in Africa. Well, maybe she didn’t HAVE to buy it, buy she wanted to.


Kanani turned to her left and saw the dresses. They looked even prettier in person. She picked it up and held it up, and it looked as if it would fit (of course). ;)


She decided to buy the dress. Then she looked around for the matching shoes. She picked up those too.


She bought the navy dress, the matching shoes and headband, and she also bought….. a hat? Well, Kanani loved it so much and it matched lots of outfits in her wardrobe, and so she bought it.

“Jamie is going to be so excited when she sees this hat.” Kanani said aloud. Then her stomach growled loudly. Kanani realized that she was starting to get hungry. She went to the food court in the mall.


“Hello, how may I help you?” asked a girl, who looked strangely familiar.

“Josefina!” Kanani said, surprised, “I didn’t know you got a job.”

“Yes, well, actually, Jessica is supposed to be here, but she’s at Innerstar U and I had to fill in.” Josefina explained.

“What are you selling?” Kanani asked.

“Brownies, sugar cookies, and cake,” Josefina replied.

“I’ll have a brownie please,” Kanani requested. She waited for a moment while Josefina got the brownie ready.


The table was decorated very nicely. There was a sparkly napkin holder, and menu tied with a ribbon, and a bright pink place mat. The orange flower added a nice touch.


Then, Josefina strolled out, with a delicious looking brownie. Kanani’s mouth started watering. The brownie was delicious. After that, Kanani decided it was time to go home.


“I’m home!” Kanani called out.


Jamie whizzed over. “What did you buy?” she asked. Jamie was the fashionista of the family and looked to look at everyone’s purchases.


Kanani showed Jamie the dress.

“Awesome!” Jamie said with a faraway look in her eyes. Kanani knew that Jamie was imagining what she would look like when she was wearing.

“Jamie, you’re already have a fancy dress.” Kanani said.

Jamie’s face fell.

“But you can still wear it.” Kanani reassured her.


Kanani laid everything on the bed. She was thankful for the fun day she had.

– American Girl Doll Artist


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  1. Um….. i just think that it was not funny. Tell me one thing that was funny on the story? I do not mean to be mean but i thought it was sad!