Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving! What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions?

I love eating pumpkin pie, and watching the Thanksgiving parade on TV. Pie….

All my dolls would like to share with you what they are thankful for:

Kaya is thankful for:

  • Her modern shawl outfit
  • All her sisters
  • All the pets, especially dogs.

Sarah is thankful for:

  • Her family
  • Her warm bed
  • The fact she doesn’t live with a reckless parent

Jamie is thankful for:

  • All her clothes
  • Her best friend (partner in crime), Jessica
  • The American Girl Holiday Sales

“Jamie, what about your family?”

“Oh, uh, I was going to write that down next!”

Kanani is thankful for:

  • The fact that she has her meet outfit
  • Her sisters
  • A mom that loves her

Isabelle is thankful for:

  • Her ballet clothes
  • Tutu, her pet kitten
  • The wardrobe

Grace is thankful for:

  • Her patisserie
  • Her baking accessories
  • Her loving family with lots of sisters.


I’m thankful for my dolls, my house, my pets, my family and friends the list goes on.

And pie.

What are your dolls (or you) thankful for?


– American Girl Doll Artist

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