Innerstar Sale (Up to 40% off)

AG is trying to make room for all of the new items coming out later this month.

The snack cart, Spa Chair, Camping Tent, and multiple outfits and accessories are on sale.

Click here to see them all. 

– American Girl Doll Artist

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7 comments on “Innerstar Sale (Up to 40% off)

  1. Thanks for letting me know about this sale! I need to buy the new camping grill set before it’s gone.

  2. Oh no! The sleeping bag is on sale! Is it gonna be like, GONE?! Nooooo! If only I had money for it now! Who else out there likes it?

  3. I wish they would let you know if these things are going to be discontinued or if it’s just a matter of clearing out excess stock. I missed out on something earlier this year because they didn’t say. Some of us do have to live on budgets!