It’s been a minute..

I know I’ve been away for a while.. but I’m so glad to see you! I hope you’re doing well.

I haven’t really posted for what.. two years? Yikes, that’s a pretty long time. And I left you on a cliffhanger with Gabe’s promposal to Jess. Sorry about that!

A lot has changed since I left! I went through some really hard times. But also, lots of good things happened. I’ve grown and changed. I bet you have too.

Through everything that happened between those two years (and a half?), I realized that American Girl still means a lot to me. Sure, the company itself may not be the same as it once was, and I may not be a huge fan of the direction they go in sometimes, but I *love* the American Girl I grew up with. The historical characters and their stories, InnerstarU, the late 2000’s and early 2010’s, especially, are my favorite. American Girl helped me become who I am today, and to me, that’s not an exaggeration. 

Because of my love for American Girl, and this blog, I was able to learn photography, which turned into sewing, which turned into drawing. Then I tried my hand at graphic design.. and now I work full time in marketing. I guess I’m truly an adult now, haha.

Anyways, what I’m trying to say is, my love for American Girl isn’t dependent on the company itself and what it puts out, but the good memories I’ve had, friendships I’ve made, and skills I’ve learned during my time as an American Girl enthusiast. I believe I will always have a deep love for the brand and the stories they tell. So while I can’t promise I’ll be back blogging like I once was, I hope to put out a couple posts here and there when I have the time and motivation, and celebrate the dolls that brought us together. They’re pretty great.

Enough about me.. What have you been up? Have you tried anything new recently? I’d love to know and chat with you in the comments!

Much love,


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25 comments on “It’s been a minute..

  1. I did a double-take when I saw the notification that you’d posted again, lol. So happy you’re back! :D I haven’t done much with AG for the past couple years tbh but I’m starting to get into it a bit again. I agree the company isn’t quite the same anymore but it definitely shaped me as well and will always hold a special place in my heart. Looking forward to whatever you end up doing with your blog in the future! :)


  2. Oh my goodness, Dara, I was so glad to see these posts from you! And I 100% agree — I’m not crazy about what AG does sometimes but I still LOVE the AG I grew up with, the memories I’ve made, and how it’s shaped me into who I am today! (Yesss on the early 2010’s) Like you I’ve gone through some really hard times these past couple years, but I returned to my doll blog this year too! It’s SOOO exciting to see you back — you have been one of my biggest inspirations! I hope you’re doing well and I absolutely can’t wait to see anything you post in the future, whenever that may be. Hugs! 💖

  3. I’m glad to hear from you on your blog again! That’s cool that you’ve gotten into graphic design and marketing. Did you study graphic design in a college program? That was my field of study. :)
    Though I have posted on my blog in a few years, I still really like my dolls. Just the other day I put them all in different outfits, which was fun. It’s crazy how the years fly by!

    • Awww its lovely to hear from you! I agree, it’s crazy how time flies. I’m glad to hear you still enjoy your dolls and get to study graphic design, which is such an amazing field!! Much love.

  4. Hi, Dara!! Your update is wonderful! I’m so happy for you and your growth and career!

    The company I worked for closed at the end of 2019. I found and started a new job just before the pandemic hit and have been working steadily from home since March 2020. The changes dealt a major blow to my motivation and creativity and my blog has suffered. Down to one post a month sometimes.

    My girls haven’t though. The Tea Time crew has grown to 9. And I have added to our pets, accessories, and wardrobe too. :-) seeing my favorite bloggers pop up in my inbox gives me a spark. Thank you!

    • xyra, it’s so good to hear from you! i’m glad to hear you’ve still been enjoying time with your crew as well, however short it may be sometimes. :) thank you for your comment, and i hope you’re doing well! much love 💛

  5. The fact that you might see a comment from me is, like, incredible. Seriously, you have been a huge inspiration. I saw your blog as the pandemic started, praying that you would post again. I found Madi on DWOD from your blog and she told me that you were back! I’m so happy! I’m literally fangirling so much right now.

  6. Aw, Dara! I’m so glad to “see” you back. Your blog is so beautiful and talented!!
    I feel similar to you- blogging can’t be as big of a part of my life anymore but I still love the old AG. :)
    Also, so proud of you for all your perseverence! I think about and pray for you and your fam a lot. Congrats on your job, too! Shoot for the stars!
    <3 ,

  7. Ahhh Dara, I got so excited when I got the notif for this post in my inbox!! I’m sorry to hear you’ve been through some downs, but so glad to hear overall you’ve been doing well 💕sending so many good vibes and thoughts your way!! 🦋💕

  8. Ack…AGDA is back!
    I seriously had given up on this blog…no offense.
    I just never expected you’d come back. I thought it was the typical “growing out of dolls” thing that 90% of bloggers have. BUT YOU’RE HERE!!!

    I don’t actually remember if I ever commented on this blog(and maybe it’s best if I haven’t. I was pretty cringey…)
    But anyway, yours was definitely one of my favorite doll blogs. I still come back to it and read the photo series’ from time to time. (ESPECIALLY The Guiding Compass. That one is amazing.)
    Also your photography is just to die for. I seriously can’t believe how awesome your photos are.
    You’ve been a huge inspiration to me and my blog.

    Oooh, marketing! That’s what I want to go to college for, and probably work in that field. (that is how those things typically work Diamond…)

    Anyway, I’m so glad you’re back! I can’t wait to see more posts from you. Gaaahhhhh, I’m so happy right now!

  9. Oh, Hershey, this makes my heart so happy. I saw you posting on IG again but didn’t realize you’d come back here, too. Ahhh, so many memories… Glad to see you always doing what you love, fren ❤❤

  10. Hello! I’m so glad that you are posting again! I found your blog a few months ago, and it’s amazing! Your photography is so inspiring and so is your writing. The Guiding Compass is crazy good. I just entered the world of Star Wars, so I know a little bit about some of the references now. Your blog is so cool that I decided to get my own blog, Dollightful Friends. It would mean so much to me if you checked it out and maybe even followed it, though I understand that you don’t follow those who follow you. I can’t wait to see more of your posts!

  11. Hi Dara! I am so happy you are back! Well this post was awhile ago but I want to tell you that smalldollsinabigworld has inspired me to make photo stories of my dolls and start my own website! Well not yet maybe this weekend :) thank you so much Dara