Make Doll Frappuccinos!

Yes, I'm make a mess when I make crafts. :)
Yes, I’m make a mess when I make crafts. :)

This is the doll sized version of a frappuccino from Starbucks. In this case, it’s from “Heartbucks” !
–Small caps (mine are from Burt’s Bees hand sanitizer bottles.)
–Yellow, blue, red and white paint.
–Small cotton balls.
–Modge Podge.
–Glue (not a glue stick)

1. First, mix pink and white on a paper plate, to make a light, creamy, pink color. Use another plate and mix red, blue and yellow to make brown. When you get the right color, add white paint, to make light brown. Now you are ready to paint!

2. Paint the inside of the lid. You can hold it up to light to see areas where to need to put more paint. Depending on how much paint you used, it will take a while for the paint to dry. Mine took two whole days before it was fully done.

3. Take your cotton balls and stuff them into the lid. Make sure you smash them really hard so they will stay. Glue the last one on top.
The last one should be poking out for whipped cream.

4. With a paintbrush, coat the top cotton balls with Modge Podge. This will make the cotton look like real whipped cream. (When my mom suggested doing this, I had no idea it was going to make them look so real!)
This only takes a few hours to dry.

5. Make dark brown paint. Add some glue, and water to make it the right consistency. Paint it on the cotton ball for chocolate drizzle! (Yum! Chocolate!)
This will take a few hours to dry too.

Have fun with this craft! If your dolls like coffee or ice cream, they will love this cute, tasty treat! :)





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