Maryellen Sneak Peek – Living Room Set

Here’s a sneak peek of Maryellen’s living room coffee table. AG posted this on Pinterest!



I think it looks pretty cool and retro looking. I can’t wait to see more of her collection!

– American Girl Doll Artist


5 comments on “Maryellen Sneak Peek – Living Room Set

  1. You have won the Bloggy Award for best blog reveiws pretend you are coming on stage receiving the award what would you say? Who would you thank?

    Please don’t take too long too reply because I’m on a tight schedule for the bloggy awards😊

    • Thank you! I’m glad so many people like my reviews. I would thank my mom, for giving me allowence to buy the doll items, and for buying my camera. Also, my brother, for helping me set up my pretty blog theme!
      Great idea with the polls! I like that multiple people can vote, and it’s not the preference on one person. Thanks for the award!