Maryellen’s Collection Leaks

Here are some photos my friend American Girl Doll Crafter found on Instgram! The prices are from Living A Doll’s Life.

Maryellen doll and book will be $115, and her accessories will be $24.


Her pajamas are $24, and her hair curler set is $20.


Her cherry outfit is $28.


This purple gingham school dress is $32.


Her birthday dress is $34.



The ice skating outfit is $36 and the ice skating accesories are $24.


Her seaside diner is $275.


Her living room table is $58.


This TV is $85. I wonder if it works.



This is $150. I think it might come with another piece; it does’t seem worth that much.


Maryellen’s dog Scooter is $24.


And to finish it off, we have this jukebox, which is $90.

Maryellen’s accessories seem to be pretty expensive! I still like quite a few of them none the less. I am pretty sure she has a few more pieces in her collection so we will have to wait and see. 

– American Girl Doll Artist


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  1. Avatar Julia Grace Phillips says

    Wow! I can’t believe so much of this has leaked!!! Some of her outfits are so gorgeous!


  2. I LOVE her couch/bed! It can fold out too. But 150$ is a lot…
    I really like the tune the jukebox plays, you can see it on living a dolls life! Do you want anything out of Maryellen’s collection, American Girl Doll Artist?

  3. AWESOME! I love the couch but NEVER FOR $180! Where did you get all this information from?

  4. I am kind of disappointed in her dog Scooter. To me he looks like a character from the cartoon Clifford and not a real pet.

  5. the couch is her bed thats why it costs so much.

  6. Oh my goodness I’m falling love with her more and more! I will definitely be getting these outfits! I’m not sure about her birthday outfit but the rest are gorgeous!!! :0

  7. Oh my gosh! I am soooo getting Maryellen. She is my dream HC. I mean, be forever character. I like the clothes too!
    Especially the cherry outfit and skating outfit.
    And the diner, although kind of big, could have a lot of uses. I have a lot of memories of eating at diners and burger shops while at the beach, so this is kind of cool for me.
    Overall, I think Maryellen should be a lot more popular than Caroline, and Marie grace and Cecile.:-)

  8. There are a couple of outfits I definitely want. I love that jukebox too. I agree that the dog looks like a cartoon character, what were they thinking? Not much to the diner for what it costs, the Our Generation one is a much better deal.

  9. I agree.

  10. I LOVE her diner! I would totally replicate it when I have the space! Maybe if I have my own room in my new house😉

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