Meet Jade

Jade is an adorable Chocolate Lab I got for Christmas from my brother. She’s sweet and cuddly. Today was kind of chilly, but to Jade, this was the perfect time to play in the snow, which Jade loves, and I took some pictures.


As you can see, she has already rolled around in the snow before this picture.






Jade really isn’t much of a skater, but she still had tons of fun and can’t wait to go inside and snuggle near the fireplace.


Food: Any kind of pastry

Toy: Bone chew toy

Place: The wardrobe

Hobbies: Napping, Cuddling and Playing.

Usually she just hops around and barks. Tutu is developing a string dislike to this loud member and stays away whenever she can. Coconut, however is excited to have a doggy playmate. 🙂

Jade is very sturdy and durable, the only bad thing is that Jade’s legs don’t move very well, but that isn’t a really big deal.


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