More Leaks – GOTY 2018 Luciana

More clues and leaks have popped up on Instagram and Ebay lately.. several more clothing pieces found seem to be pointing to the next GOTY , Luciana Vega.


Here we have a pink top with mid-length sleeves. Many people (such as Poppets and Posies) have connected the graphic to Texas.. I’m guessing the style of the buildings on the shirt are similar to places in Texas. If you look closely, the stars on the middle building also are shaped like the classic American Girl star.

The skirt is pretty.. It doesn’t have much detail and could go with any contemporary character so we’ll have to wait and see.


The skirt is already released, but the top is new. It appears to have fish printed on the front. This is probably not for Luciana but you never know. ;)


And finally we have the leaked Luciana release top, and a pair of starry drawstring shorts. (CUTE!) These look a little more comfy looking so I’d love to see them as pajamas in Luciana’s collection.

It’s hard to believe Luciana’s gonna star as the GOTY 2018 in 5 months! XD

– American Girl Doll Artist


16 comments on “More Leaks – GOTY 2018 Luciana

  1. geez, 5 months??!!?? when you say it that way….how can this year be halfway over?? O_O
    ~a very boggled Olive

  2. i’m so excited for Luciana’s release! i really love her collection so far. the drawstring shorts might be a part of ag’s logo collection though :-)

  3. 5 months! Wow! I think it’s hard to believe too. I’m wondering if Luciana will be Latina, like I believe Marisol was, or maybe she’ll be Italian. If this is truly AG’s last Girl of the Year, I’m hoping her story will be unique and not something previously done, like both Isabelle and Gabriela being dancers. I love the 1st shirt you found.

  4. All this stuff is so cool! I really like the pajama looking pants. She seems like she’s gunna be a good goty!

  5. Like you said in your last post about her release day tee it has to do with space and NASA’s mission control center and Johnson Space Center are located in Texas, so maybe the two things tie together? Also it would be cool if Luciana went to Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama because I went there over the summer and it was A-MAZ-ING.

    ~ Olivia

  6. I like the clothing that AG has come out with for the next GOTY. I also got a package from your Etsy shop: Peppermint Pursuits! I reviewed The package on my blog. Please check it out! It’s