More Truly Me Leaks

While looking through the AG website, my sister noticed that the Doll Hair and Care section of the AG website, had changed it’s photo. Now, there was a doll wearing the new Truly Me outfit.


When I clicked it, it opened up to a redesigned page. AG even added new videos!

new videos on Ag

As you can see, the dolls in the first video are plainly wearing the new Truly Me outfit also.

truly me

They also updated this photo. It was a funny coincidence that we have all of the dolls in the photo except Addy. :)

My AG doll

American Girl Doll Artist watched some of the videos with me and saw this doll in the background. She thinks it might be a new doll. I don’t know. It looks like they might remake the bangs, since the bangs that this doll has look quite different to the bangs that the dolls have now…


All of these photos were on the American Girl site

Oh, the new videos are very helpful on showing how manage curly doll hair.

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10 comments on “More Truly Me Leaks

  1. Wow, that’s weird AG would put photos of truly me stuff on their website already… I’ll have to check it out!

  2. I love the new outfit. Do you know if they will be getting rid of the doll I call Aravis( ask AGDA if you don’t know which one i am talking about.)