My AG New Items (January 2015)

Happy New Year! How many of you waited until midnight when Grace Thomas arrived? I did, and so did Catlover02. We watched the countdown on the American Girl website. Then we explored their website, looking at the new My AG items and Grace’s collection. Catlover02 will review the Grace items later, because she likes Grace more than I do. Meanwhile, I will take a look at the My AG items.

AG 1

Cute! I like these pajamas. They would look good on Jamie. The slippers look so comfy and soft. ($24)

AG 2


I think this is an item meant to be given to others as a gift for Valentine’s day. The shirt is cute, and could go well many things. ($12)

AG 3

I  think this is okay. The wings and the headband don’t look very durable. ($18)


AG 4

The game is cute.  I like the mini book and the pizza looks pretty realistic. I have just one question: Why do they always include junk food?

Did you notice that the pizza is heart-shaped? ($34)

AG 5

I think this is cute. I like the flower pillow, and the blanket is a nice addition. It is supposed to fold out into a bed. ($48)

AG 6

This is my favorite item of the new releases!! I love the purple color and the sequins too. The best part is, it’s only $10!

AG 7


I think this purse is pretty cute too! ($10)

AG 8These are a great mix and match piece. I like these a lot. ($14)

AG 9

It’s nice that they have this. I don’t know why the set comes with a medal though. ($18)

AG 10

These look a lot like real shoes for sports. I think these will sell nicely. ($14)

AG 11

This is my favorite purse. I love that it’s mostly a neutral color, and I really like the light blue color. ($10)

What do you think? What items are your favorite?

Stay tuned for Catlover02’s post about Grace’s collection!

2014 flew by so fast! I can’t believe 2015 is already here!

– American Girl Doll Artist :) :)


7 comments on “My AG New Items (January 2015)

  1. I have a question: Were can i find the January 2015 stuff? I have looked and looked and still can not find them? I have looked on yahoo and AG but still do not know wear they are? :) Could you tell me wear it is on AG?! Thanks a lot!!!!!