New American Girl Trademarks

On Tradmarkia, American Girl has trademarked 3 new names.tradmarkia

The names Logan Everett and Della are for dolls, doll clothing and doll accessories, but the name Lanie is trademarked for toys, games and playthings.

Also, a couple of rumors have been flying around.

  1. American Girl doll heads might be held on by zip-ties instead of string. :( That makes me very sad. Using zip-ties will mean you can’t tighten your dolls head if it’s loose.
  2. American Girl may release a new line of dolls, called Wellie Wishers (This name was trademarked this year) and they are supposedly 15 inch, Barbie-like dolls.

I have no clue if these new trademarked names are for the rumored Wellie Wishers doll line, but they could be.

I also don’t much care for the idea of American Girl selling dolls other than 18 inch dolls. What do you think?



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  1. The first rumor you mentioned I believe is true. Remember the person that got Lea Clark early? She just made a video stating that Lea Clark has no strings! This may make the dolls look better, but for us it isn’t the greatest.

    • It’s also terrible for those who like to customize dolls. They wouldn’t be able to take off the head to customize the doll! I think they started using zip-ties because people were cutting off the strings, thinking they were part of the packaging, and then the doll’s head would fall off.

  2. Logan Everett? That sounds like a boys name to me. I wonder if they would make an 18″ boy doll, though… Well, if they do, I’d be really excited about that!
    Zip ties? That doesn’t sound as secure to me… Hmm… I’m not sure what I think about that just yet, but I am not looking forward to them making Barbie like dolls. I just don’t like the idea of it. But who knows? They could look completely different and actually be really cute! I won’t judge until I see them :)
    Thank you for sharing this information!

    • Logan is actually a unisex name. I don’t think the Willie Wishers are dolls, I think they are more like figurines or toys. Willie Wishers has never been trademarked as dolls, doll accessories, etc. So I doubt that Logan is for the Willie Wishers. I believe Logan Everett is a GOTY name.

  3. I agree about the zip ties…it is very disappointing. There are several dolls I want and I want to buy them before AG replaces them with zip ties. I really like the name Logan…possible GOTY? I don’t like the idea of the 14″ dolls. It’s basically Barbies.

    • I am also hoping to get a doll before the she gets a zip-tie. :( Logan could be a GOTY, since GOTY’s usually have their last names trademarked with them. Logan Everett just sounds very boyish.

      • That’s true. I know a few girls with the name Logan so it could be either one. I doubt they would make boy dolls, but that would be awesome! I’m curious about Della…I don’t really like the name. And I wonder what Lanie could be?

  4. I have always thought of American Girl as an 18 inch doll company, and I would really be sad if they sold Barbie-sized dolls. :( It just doesn’t seem right, but I think they’re trying to create something like Monster High, Descendants, Ever After High, etc. If they did make the Barbie-like dolls, I probably wouldn’t buy them.
    I wish the dolls still had the neck strings. You won’t be able to tighten the head if it’s loose. I guess that means you have to pay a lot of money and send the doll to the Doll Hospital. :(

    -American Girl Doll Crafter

  5. It doesn’t seem likely that American Girl would reuse the name Lanie. Maybe it’s a false lead?

    Wellie Wishers sounds really cutesy and babyish. It could be a branch off the Bitty Baby line, I suppose. Whatever the case is, I hope they don’t make Barbie-like dolls! American Girl is an 18″ inch doll line, after all.

    Ugh . . . not zip-ties! AG used zip-ties in the past, and everybody hated them, so they went back to string. Perhaps the Lea doll the Youtuber bought was a prototype, and that’s why she has zip-ties? I hope that’s the case!

    • I don’t know about Bitty Baby, but a skirt recently showed up on eBay with a tag that said, ‘Wellie Wishers, by American Girl’. The person who bought it said that it didn’t fit AG dolls, but it fit a Barbie doll pretty loosely. If you want to see pictures, here’s a link: LINK

      I hope Lea’s a prototype, it could be likely!

  6. I really hope that the zip-tie thing isn’t true. For $120 dolls they should not be doing that. :(
    Lanie was the name of the Girl of the year 2010…maybe they just hadn’t added it to the trademark list or it had been briefly removed. The bitty babies and bitty twins are also 15 inches, but I really don’t like the idea of them making Barbie-like dolls. I hope it’s just a rumor.

  7. They have done other doll lines (Hopscotch Hill, Girls of Many Lands) in the past and none of them have been very successful, but they keep on trying. I think they need to focus on what they do best and improve it instead of letting the line go downhill (which it seems to be lately). Ugh.

    • Sylvia, My family wants strings too! Including my six year old! 😁 Someone should start a petition to AG to stop cheapening their product! I wish Pleasant was still on the board of directors! Whoever sat around in a board room and decided this is just thinking about extra money in their pockets, I think! I’m thankful to the owner of this doll forum for letting us vent! Wish AG would listen because we are the bread and butter of the consumers! A non AG person would just buy one doll but we buy collections!

  8. Della was a name that was more popular in the 1920s according to the Social security records on dolls…more than likely this name is for a new Beforever rather than for any sort of modern dolls they have in the plans. Unless the 18 inch dolls are also historical….

    • Oh and the name Della was also popular in the late 1800s too. I get the feeling she is from either the late 1800s or 1920s. (Here’s for hoping she’s from the 1920s). Don’t get me wrong, I love the 1800s…but I want a 1920s story. Most people only know about flappers and gangsters of those times. But rarely do stories talk about the 1920s from a child’s perspective. :)