New Clay Creations in Peppermint Pursuits – November 2015

Catlover02 has some AMAZING creations in Peppermint Pursuits!


Set of 2 Napoleons – $10.00


Christmas Cookie Set of 6 – $14.00


Cookie Set of 3 – $6.00


Doll Hamburger – $7.00


This set of macarons ($9.99) isn’t new, but I thought the photo was cute and wanted to add it. 🙂

Oh, and I also have a new Kanani coloring page.


So be sure to go check those out! (And maybe place an order..)


– American Girl Doll Artist

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12 comments on “New Clay Creations in Peppermint Pursuits – November 2015

  1. Amazing! I have that same blue treat stand thing that I use in my dolls bakery! It’s a coincidence because I already used it in the bakery before I saw this post.

  2. *stands there with mouth hanging open*
    *gasps for air* *drools* If I didn’t know any better, I would eat any one of those! You’ve done it again Catlover02! 🙂 American Girl Doll Artist~ I cannot believe how much talent you have! 😉

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