Possible Beforever Trademarked: Nanea Mitchell

AG trademarked a new name this week: Nanea Mitchell. The name means “fascinating” in Hawaiian.

This could be the name of a new rumored Beforever character. Her time period is rumored to be around the attack on Pearl Harbor. Her code name is already known: Pearl. Probably because of her time period I’m guessing.

The name is trademarked in dolls, doll clothing, doll accessories and even online games.


Personally, I’d love to see her come out. I’m wondering if she’ll look a little like Kanani, since Kanani sold so well. :) Or she may just look completely different. :)

What do you think?

– Catlover02 =^-^=


29 comments on “Possible Beforever Trademarked: Nanea Mitchell

  1. I can’t wait to see her! Though… Melody had the trademark Gabriella, so you never know, but I hope this doll is real! Maybe she’ll be the next goty?
    ~Katherine 🐮( I’m running out of animal emojis to use.)

  2. Oooh!!! Exciting! I hope American Girl does come out with another BeForever character! Cause even though they released Maryellen last year, they also retired Caroline! They keep getting rid of popular Dolls just so they can make more dolls. So their number isn’t really going up. I’m Excited to see what American Girl is doing!


  3. Nanea is such a pretty name, although how well will she sell- for people who already have Kanani?
    Did AG say what day they’re going to release Meldody?

    • I agree. I also don’t like the idea of her being in the same era as Molly. Like can’t they put her in a more interesting and elaborate time of Hawaiian history. Like during the time of the Hawaiian Kingdom under the rulership of Queen Liliuokalani? And the clothes were much more distinguishable too during that time period. The 1940s do nothing for Hawaiian history because Hawaii was heavily modern for that time period. I hope AG chooses to teach real Hawaiian history. Because Pearl Harbor is not all their is.

    • I personally would not. I’d rather they cover a new time in history. This Hawaiian girl is going to have the same kind of outfits as Molly and Maryellen because Hawaiian girls in the 1940s dressed more Americanized. Its basically a rehash of the same history over and over. It won’t be unique or distinguishable in my opinion.

      I would prefer a Hawaiian girl in the 1890s during the reign of Queen Lili’uokalani. It is the only Kingdom to ever exist in American history! The Hawaiian Kingdom would also give the Hawaiian girl her own era and history and distinction. That would be more interesting than Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor was one event. You have to remember, that American girl has to cover an entire series. I think its a bit of a stretch to have Pearl Harbor cover over the course of an entire book series.

      • The great thing about history is that there is more to it than just linear time. Any one year in history contains literally millions of different and diverse experiences depending on geographic location, socioeconomic status, and a huge variety of other personal factors. To say that another doll would be exactly the same as what has already been done from that time period is not exploring the subject with enough depth. I also don’t think we can presume that Pearl Harbor would be the only subject covered in her books. That would be like suggesting the Civil War is the only subject of Addy’s books. It’s a large important facet, but not the only one. I do agree that a Hawaiian girl from the 1890s would be excellent, though.

        • Well, in the 1940s, a Hawaiian girl would have dressed very similarly to Molly and Maryellen. I know because my great cousins are Japanese and lived in Hawaii during World War II. I have Japanese-Hawaiian ancestry. They did the same things Molly and Maryellen did growing up. They went to westernized schools that encouraged the same things Kit and Molly’s school encouraged. Christmas in Hawaii is very similar to Christmas in Florida (there is no snow and most people went to the beach for Christmas). To add, during that period there would not be much Hawaiian culture as Hawaii was heavily Americanized. If we are talking about history from a child’s perspective, Hawaii during the 1940s was not much different between Maryellen and Molly.

          Addy’s story takes place during the Civil War era, so most of her stories focus on how a girl like Addy would be affected by it. During that era, slavery was the main reason that the civil war began. The civil war caused a lot of tension, especially among white people and black people; rich and poor. The Civil War and slavery divided households. But in the end (as changes for Addy focuses on) black slaves were able to be free.
          Pearl Harbor was not typically an era…just one event so I imagine that if there is a Hawaiian girl during that one event that her stories would be reminiscent of Marie-Grace and Cecile (which their stories took place during only one event also). Unfortunately, their stories felt very short to me. The good part is that the stories were split between two people, so we at least got six books from two different perspectives. But if it had been one event focused on one girl, it would have been the shortest book series of all the American Girl collection. With a Pearl Harbor character, American Girl would have to focus on Pearl Harbor and show how that one event affected the girl’s life. But again that’s just one event. It’s just not very interesting to me considering Molly covered a lot of things about World War II. I’d rather get something fresh. An era in time that has not been covered. That’s just my opinion. Maybe I don’t seem to be looking too deeply into the history, but I’m simply not interested in seeing another World War II story. I want something more original and unique like the 1920s, late 1880s or 1890s, 1600s, 1990s…times in history that have a lot more history to cover than Pearl Harbor. Especially for a Hawaiian girl, I would prefer she not share the same era as Molly. I’d rather she have her own unique era in history.

          Most of all the American Girl collection tend to cover entire eras. Even Josefina was during the era of Mexican rule and focused on what life was like When Mexico ruled the entire western frontier. I would hope that a Hawaiian girl would have the same focus.

          • To add, the Hawaiian girl’s clothing will not be much different from Molly’s. If we’re talking about history, that’s one thing…but then what about the doll? The only unique outfit she would have is a Hula outfit. But the rest of her clothing would look just like Molly’s. Most girls dressed like Molly in the 1940s. She may have sun dresses (but Molly had sun dresses). Her outfits might have slight distinctions, but it would be relatively the same collection of dresses revamped. I’d rather see some new types of fashion. Especially because Hawaiian fashion under the Kingdom was much more uniqe and distinguishable…in fact more beautiful than would be seen in the 1940s.

        • My great cousins lived in Hawaii during world War II. I have Japanese-Hawaiian ancestry. A normal girl living during that time would experience the same things Molly and Maryellen experienced. She would also dress very similarly to Molly. All my cousins did. If I could show you a picture of them, you would be shocked to see how similar Molly’s clothes are to theirs. If we’re just talking about history, yes history can vary even slightly by year…but if we’re going to be talking about how this time period affected a little girl…well aside from that one event her life would be heavily Americanized and similarly to Molly. Not to mention her only unique items in her doll collection would be her hula clothes and furniture. But all other items, especially clothing, would look like Molly’s. If only I could show you a picture of how my cousins looked back then…one of them had glasses like Molly, two braids, everything. This is why I say that I doubt the stories would give us much of anything unique.

          Addy’s time focused on an era. The Civil War era affected slaves the most, and so Addy’s story talks about how as a slave she was both devastated by the Civil War and yet in the end freed by it.

          If they make a story focusing on one event, I’m sure the story will be similar to that of MArie-Grace and Cecile, in which they only focused on the Yellow Fever epidemic. Luckily, we had two different stories from two different perspectives, so we were able to get more. But if that one event had been from one perspective it would have been a rather short series. I liked this book series the least to be honest because all the stories talked about was the Yellow Fever epidemic. I wanted to learn more about the era in history. Focusing on an event, American Girl would have to talk mostly about how this one event affected the girl of this era. To me that is quite uninteresting and redundant considering we already have a World War II era doll, which I’m pretty sure is leaving the archives very soon. I’d rather the Hawaiian girl have her own era, her own history, instead of sharing an era with Molly talking again about World War II. From a philosophical perspective, yes history is various even within one year. But if we think about it, those differences are usually very slight.

          Just in my opinion, I don’t want to hear yet another World War II story, just like I don’t want to hear another Civil War story, or another Revolutionary War story. Instead of wasting time on yet another story about the same event an era, American Girl should save their resources on times and eras that have never been taught and covered.

  4. The author of Caroline did say she was working on something for Late 2017 last year🤔 Maybe this has to do with that? Unfortunately I believe that means two dolls will get retired since Melody is going to be released soon

  5. I hope she’s not from the 1940s, as the rumor suggests, and is from the 1980s. In fact, I hope she’s from ANY fresh new era in history. Before they start re-doing eras, I would’ve hoped that they covered eras they haven’t done like the 1890s, 1920s, and such.
    Honestly, I wish they would just bring Molly back. She was such a staple of the time period, I already have her collection and would love to add to, and I’m only putting “big” money on eras I don’t have in my collection. I would feel no motivation to buy Nanea, unless they sell the doll 50 dollars cheaper! I would also feel more motivated if she was from an uncovered era. Then my pockets would open. For now, I don’t care what she looks like. History comes first in my book, and she would not be coming home. Which is a shame because I actually have been wanting character with an Asian background.
    Though Nanea is not a Japanese name, it’s more Hawaiian, and wouldn’t have been used by a Japanese American girl at the time…Hmmm

  6. I’m not excited to hear that she could be from 1940s. Really how typical is it to have her during Pearl Harbor? I would prefer a Hawaiian girl during the 1890s, when Queen Lili’uokalani ruled over the Hawaiian Kingdom. That was the last Monarch in America, people! Why are people so obsessed with Pearl Harbor. That’s just one event, but that is not enough to cover an entire series of history. It’ll be rehashing the same World War 2 story over again. I want to hear about a different time in history that hasn’t been covered.

    To be honest, a Hawaiian girl in 1940s would be dressed no different than Molly. People don’t seem to get that Hawaii was heavily modernized. Her collection will more than likely be smaller. A Hawaiian girl in the 1890s could be a royal or even a servant of royals! That would be more interesting than a stinkin’ Pearl Harbor doll. Plus the dresses during Monarch on 1890s Hawaii were a lot more unique and would be more distinguishable in the American Girl collection.

  7. Instead of coming out with another character during the same time period of a previous one, they could reinvent the old one, Molly, as they did with Samantha. Also, AG has still left major decades of history untouched. The French and Indian war, the California Gold Rush and Sutter’s Fort, the westward expansion of Trains and pioneers, the Puritans, the Roaring 1920s, the Mormon settlement in Utah, etc.

    • I agree Kristi! There are so many other eras in History that are more unique than another World War II story. I am not excited about that. Not to mention, her outfits may not be that different from Molly’s either except the Hula outfit.

  8. oh my gosh if she has the same hair style that repunzel did in tangled after Flynn cuts her hair I will buy a doll for every hour she is out!