Review: Bonbon

Ever since Grace came out, Bonbon had been on my wishlist. Since I purchased Grace online, and didn’t buy her in the store, I didn’t want to pay for extra shipping for Bonbon, so I bought Bonbon on the next trip to AG.

I totally don’t regret buying her. She so cuddly and soft. Her big ears are adorable and her red bow/collar is super cute.


Overall, her appearance is great. Her fur is white instead of cream and isn’t very long. That’s great if you don’t want her getting all dusty.


Bonbon’s sating bow is not removable, thought at times I wish it was. Of course, scissors would take care of that, but I know I’d regret cutting it off.


What I don’t understand is why American Girl put a leash on a sitting dog. I know, it’s cute, but they could have made Bonbon in a standing position. The leash/bow is really great quality and It stays together really well. The ribbon is sewn on Bonbon.


She has an adorable face. Her big black nose is so cute. Her eyes are nice, but I think she’d look way cuter with ball eyes, like the Truly Me pets.



Can you see her back legs are shifted to the right? I think it’s a trait of French Bulldogs. I don’t care very much, although it would be nice for AG to have made them straight.


Here’s her unfolded leash. It can slide all the way to the back of the collar, but stops when you get to where AG sewed the collar on.

Bonbon is a super fun accessory for Grace, and I rate her 4 out of 5 stars.


P.S. I’m thinking of releasing some historical inspired clay food sets in Peppermint Pursuits. Please tell me if you have any suggestions. :)


6 comments on “Review: Bonbon

  1. Aww Bonbon is adorable! I have a My Life As… French Bulldog and I named her bonbon like AG’s. :) For food suggestions….
    Cookie Letters for Addy
    Burger for Maryellen
    Fondue for Julie
    Jelly Roll Cake for Kit
    Salmon or Berries for Kaya
    Corn for Josefina
    Ice cream for Samantha
    Bread and Cheese for Rebecca
    I hope this helps and I can’t wait to see the new food!

  2. The back legs being sideways while sitting is actually a trait of the French Bulldog. I see how it could be a bit annoying, but they did do a good job at authenticity :) Google pictures of French Bulldogs and you will see what I mean about the back legs.