Review: Golden Sparkle Outfit

Hello everyone! Happy first day of December!! Since today is just the start of all the holiday festivities and parties, Taylor and I will be here to review American Girl’s Golden Sparkle Outfit for you – a dress perfect for the holidays.


I had a lot of fun taking these photos in front of our Christmas tree. I love the circles of blurred light (bokeh) that the lights create. :D I used a 50mm lens for the first time taking photos (usually I use a 35mm) and loved the effect. :)



Here is the full outfit. The Golden Sparkle Outfit costs $36, and consists of a dress, leggings, a pair of shoes, a headband, and a ring.

One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.

*clears throat* Ahem.

This is what you will be hearing, guys. From now on.


Let’s continue, shall we?


The main dress has a base of black, covered in sequins of silver and gold. There is golden fabric of trim around the arm holes, neckline, and hemline of the skirt. The fabric is somewhat stiff, which may be harder for younger girls to put on their doll. All the sequins are tied down securely to a layer of tulle underneath. None have come off so far.


I’m not sure if this is just our dress, but the neckline is uneven, as shown in the above photo. It leans more to the left then the center. For me, it’s a bit annoying but for others it may not be a big issue.


Next we have the leggings. They’re made of black knit and slide on with elastic. On the side of each leg, there are 3 golden jewels, 6 in all. These are also well secured and I don’t see them coming off anytime soon. They match the dress very nicely and I love the added touch of jewels, making them a bit fancier then basic black leggings.


The pair of golden shoes are make with the basic, sparkly, golden fabric AG uses. Though the flats match the outfit nicely, I’d prefer if the shoes were a bit better quality. The layers of fabric were just sewn together, unhemmed. Though the fabric doesn’t fray, I think it would add more quality. Nonetheless, I love the shoes and think they are very cute. :)


Here we have the headband. It has multiple silver and golden jewels sewn onto the black satin. Underneath Tay’s hair is a band of elastic that makes the headband easier to put on when sliding it over a doll’s head. Very well made, I can see this lasting a long time.


Finally, we have the ring. (Our precious)

I am having a whole lotta fun with this. XD

Anyway, the ring is made of plastic with a clear, sparkly jewel. The ring has a small gap in the band, making it able to stretch to fit a doll’s finger. Usually AG models the ring on the index finger of a doll’s hand, but I prefer to put it on the 4th, where I think the gap looks more natural. :D This is one of my favorite parts of the outfit.


Here is the complete outfit from the back. :D


That’s the full outfit!

Tay and I rate this outfit 4.7 stars out of 5, due to the uneven hemline and shoes. We both agree this is a super cute outfit for the holidays!

Tay would like me to note that she did not choose to be in this review and would not wear this dress to a party. But if faced with the choice between this dress and the Merry Magenta outfit, this is the dress she would choose. :D

Thanks for reading!! What’s your favorite part of the Christmas season?

– American Girl Doll Artist



48 comments on “Review: Golden Sparkle Outfit

  1. I love that outfit so much! I want it! I want the precious! (which I would lose in a heartbeat, but whatever. :P ) I’m loving the LOTR, my mom is reading us the books, and we are in the two towers, hobbits with the entes, and legolas, aragorn, and gimli about to fight a battle, and no word of frodo yet. >:[ so fustrating. but that is a really cute outfit! Kit needs it. XD
    Most crazily, ~Olive

    • Ah yes.. I remember that part well!! 😂 My siblings and I were watching the movie and we had to pause it for the day around that time.. I was so disappointed! ☹️ I’m sure you’ll love the book once you finish it. Thank you! ❤️

  2. My precious… XD. I love your LOTR references, the movies are SO good. Taylor looks great in gold! Thanks for the fabulous review!

  3. Ooh the background with Christmas lights so pretty! My favorite part of the Christmas season is probably baking gingerbread cookies, putting up our tree, decorating, and just the all around mood of everything!

    P.S. #musthavemoretolkien

  4. Great review! Tay’s really sparkly, :)
    I love that you’re so into LotR now! Have you seen the they’re taking the hobbits to Isengard song on YouTube???? XD We have it on disc and drive our Mom nuts with geekery. :D
    <3 , IrishAG

  5. Wow! You use that 50mm lens like a pro! Your pictures look phenomenal – and that’s your first time using the 50mm? Wow wow wow! Like, AHHH! LOL!

    Ahem. I LOVE your review! It’s so detailed and informative. That outfit is super cute, too! Oh dear, having the uneven hemline at the top would frustrate the life out of me! :P And Tay does look super cute in the dress. ;) XD


    P.S. #iseriouslyneedtowatchlordoftherings

  6. LOL I used to not really like AG’s sparkly gold outfits….but now I think they’re growing on me. xD And awesome bokeh!! (I tried to take a bokeh photo yesterday because the lights were making bokeh inside my croc…but it didn’t work so well xD) HOW DID YOU GET THAT SNOW ON YOUR WEBSITE? :OOO (AWESOME!!!)