Review: Recess Ready Outfit

Hi everyone! It’s Darica here. I will be reviewing my “Recess Ready Outfit”. It costs $3o on, and currently, it’s showing no longer available, but I’m almost certain it’s a glitch. :)


My mom bought this outfit for me. She says I look super cute in it. :)


Here’s the dress. It’s a lilac color with indigo purple spots and a few coral spots as well. There are also sparkly threads woven into the knitted fabric. Because of the knitted fabric, the dress has some stretch to it, which makes it easier for putting on and taking off.


There are fake pockets and a indigo purple bow on the front.


You can also see the “American Girl” tag on the side.


The waistband stops at the seam.


This is the dress without the scarf. It’s super comfortable!


A close up of the design.


The scarf is cotton, and the ends of the fabric are sewn with silver thread. The scarf is scrunched up at the bottom.


The scarf closes with Velcro in the back.


This the scarf off the doll. It’s a great accessory that will add flair to any doll outfit.


The leggings are indigo purple and very comfortable as well. They fit very well on me. :)

There is a little coral strip of fabric on the edge of each leg. The leggings can be mixed and matched with many clothing pieces.


The shoes are metallic silver. They make me a little taller and they close with a strap and Velcro. The picture above shows more details. The shoes are pretty sturdy, but they are a little loose and could come off with rough play.


And that is the complete outfit. I rate it 4.9 stars out of 5. It’s really comfy and it’s great for back-to-school!

Would you like some bonus pictures?



My aunt, American Girl Doll Artist, styled my hair and I thought this curl at the end of my braid is pretty cute. She said she didn’t even know how she did it. :)

Thanks for reading! I hope my review was helpful.

– Darica 


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