The Flower Garden – A Photoshoot

My siblings and I went to my grandparents’ house last week, and I just had to bring one my dolls along. Isabelle was my first choice, since she was ready for a photoshoot in her new Little Gloriana dress! I love taking pictures at places other than my house. A change of scenery is always nice. :)


Saying her eyes are hard to photograph is an understatement. They don’t catch the light well, and when you want a catch light, you almost have to lay a reflector flat on the ground. Considering this, I am extremely pleased with how these turned out, and I think Isabelle is too. :)


This is my favorite. <3


Her shoes! :D






I love how her highlights match the dress perfectly.


There was a bit of a breeze.

Samanthalover also brought her newest doll.

Meet Sophie!


Sophie is a TM #24 named after Sophie Foster from the “Keeper of the Lost Cities” book series. Samanthalover and I found it hilarious that Emma had named her TM #24 Sophie as well, and we didn’t even know until several weeks after Samanthalover had named her! :D


Sophie is very happy in her new home, and will be getting a profile soon. :)


In other news, I am done coloring Lea AND Tay for my doll drawing! I only have 2 more dolls to go – Jamie, and Sarah. :)

Which picture is your favorite?

– American Girl Doll Artist


48 comments on “The Flower Garden – A Photoshoot

  1. Again, THESE PHOTOS ARE AMAZING! I think I liked… All of them the best. And whoa, where did you get Isabelle’s shoes? Welcome Sophie! Ok so first you get Lea, and Tay, then catlover gets Amaya, now samanthalover gets Sophie!? Slow down! I just kidding.
    ~Katherine 😜

    • Thank you so much! Isabelle’s shoes are from as well as her dress. :) I know, I’m sorry. :) We usually get our annual dolls in the spring, and almost none in the fall and winter, so hopefully we’ll be slowing down for you. :) <3

      • I’m just kidding ya know, it’s fun to see you get new dolls, did I ever tell you that your one of my FAVORITE blogs. <3
        ~ Katherine 🐻(Do you like the bear?)

  2. Oh my goodness, Sophie is adorable in that dress! I love her name.. ;) My sister has that doll, too! Her freckles are so cute. :)

    -Clara <3

  3. These are GORGEOUS!!! I’m gonna have to look into Little Gloriana – I’ve seen a lot of bloggers who buy from them. Is it an Etsy shop or a website?
    SHE GOT #24!!!! AAAAH!!!!! *dies* I need her so badly!! Every time I see her at Emma’s I literally die and tell Emma I’m gonna steal her! XD Tell Samanthalover I said; Congrats on your new doll!! :D

    • Aw, thank you! :) It’s a website. :) It’s just They have some adorable clothes, and the dress material is super soft! *dies*
      You should totally get her. She looks amazing in blue and her hair is super easy to take care of. I’ll tell her. <3 :D

  4. Oh my gosh! These pictures gorgeous! I love them! LOL! That’s hilarious that your sister named her #24 the same name as I did! But then again, #24 is the only TM that looks close to Sophie! ;D Once again, amazing pictures! :)

  5. I would love to see more photoshoots from you. You have a great talent of making stuff, taking pictures and posing dolls! This photoshoot was a bunch of fun!! I really like your grandmas garden.

  6. I would enjoy more photoshoots! I really like them. And I know its winter and its hard but I truly do enjoy photoshoots!! And spring is coming soon to so that is a chance to get outside a take a couple photos.