The Mini Awakening ~ A Photostory

It had been a long afternoon at the mall, watching Spring try on soccer shoes and dropping Amaya off at ballet class. But I was finally back home. I couldn’t wait to see what Josefina had made for dinner. I knew it wasn’t chili bean soup, because Grace had happily donated all the the canned beans and forbidden any other type of bean from being smuggled into the house.


I was just nearing the door when Jessica threw it open. “Pippa! You have to help us! Grace is going insane… The dolls… Cookies…” Jessica slumped against the doorway, breathless. “The world is ending!”



“What?” I flew up the steps with Spring at my heels. Grace was going insane? It certainly didn’t sound like her.


When I stopped outside the kitchen, I was welcomed with a very strange scene. Grace was frantically stirring ingredients whilst taking a pan of cookies out of the oven.



Two automatic mixers were working on high, batter flying all over.  Josefina stepped into the kitchen.


“They ordered another plate!” Josefina shouted over the buzzing of mixers.


Then she noticed Spring and I standing there. “Hey, you can help me! We have to calm them down before they eat the couch!”


“Who’s eating the couch? Is there a wild animal in here?” Spring shouted. The oven timer began wailing. Josefina decided to stop talking and motioned for Spring and I to follow her into the living room.


What I saw there seemed impossible, yet there it was. I pinched myself, making sure I wasn’t dreaming. There were my sisters’ American Girl dolls, chowing down a whole plate of cookies like bottomless pits, crumbs falling all over the floor.


“Another plate!” Jessica’s Cecile doll shouted, leaning against a water bottle.


“Yeah! On the double!” Grace’s doll smacked her hands on the empty plate, making specks of cookie fly everywhere. This had to stop.

“HOLD IT!” I yelled. The dolls all turned to me.

Josefina’s Nina doll stopped chewing and they all watched me glare at them, their teeny-weeny brains probably wondering who this new giant was.


“What do you think you’re doing?” I asked. After I said it, the answer was quite obvious. But I wanted to hear what they had to say.


Mini Kaya stood up and tried to look menacing. “We’re taking over!”

That… was not the answer I expected. Though it was hard to take Mini Kaya seriously. She was so tiny! But Kaya wasn’t finished. “We mini dolls are making a comeback!”


“You’re not.” I announced.  I promptly picked up the plate and turned to go. A loud gasp sounded from behind me.



Spring gasped as well. “Look out!” The next thing I knew, the mini dolls were swarming all over me. It was actually kind of cute, seeing they were trying so hard to threaten me.


I quickly pulled them off me and sat them all on the couch. Spring and Josefina helped me hold them down, though Josefina looked scared to death. “Now.” I said, savoring their fearful looks. They clearly didn’t expect to be held back from their riot. “You will explain.”



Nina sighed. There would be no more cookies for them. “We don’t know what happened. One minute we were statues, observing the world around us, with no way to move. And the next minute, the smell of cookies filled the air, and we came back to life!”


“Soooo…. The cookies brought you to life?” I asked doubtfully.


But Nina nodded happily. “Pretty much! But I’m guessing that that would happen with any kind of dessert.” Nina licked her lips. “We love sugar.” She added. As if I didn’t already know.

“Maybe this has something to do the new kitchen.” Spring said thoughtfully.

Josefina snapped her fingers excitedly. “That has to be it! I read in the newspaper that something like this happened at the AG store! Someone was playing with the kitchen display and, BAM! All of the mini dolls were alive!”

I glared at the mini’s, still suspicious. “If you’re going to be alive, no more on this cookie nonsense.”


“But we’ll starve!” Mini Grace protested, squirming beneath Spring’s grip.

“I’m sure you won’t.” I sighed. “Spring, you can release them.” Then I reconsidered, remembering Grace working in the kitchen. “We’ll let you run around under one condition.”

“What? What?” Cecile squeaked, eager for freedom.

“You need to apologize to Grace. You’ve probably used up all her baking supplies with your foolishness.” I informed them. The minis all looked very solemn, but it was hard for me to tell if they were truly sorry.


Grace accepted their apology, but she didn’t have a clue what to do with the extra cookies. She had made dozens of chocolate chip cookies and the fridge couldn’t hold them all.

Nina jumped at the chance. “We’ll eat them!” The rest of the minis piped up with their agreement.

“Well, um.” Grace still didn’t trust the mini dolls completely. “Let’s all share them.”


Though a bit annoyed at being held back from the whole plate sweet food before them, the mini dolls agreed. I wasn’t sure how this would work out. They seemed more mischievous than Bethany on April Fool’s Day. And how in the world was I going to explain this to Amaya when she got home? Oh, well.

One thing at a time, I guess.

*roll credits*

Yes, the mini dolls are alive again! The glorious little sneaks are back to wreak havoc on the doll’s house in all of their mini magnificence!

And is seems Pippa is not amused at their devilish attitudes. 😣😈😂😂

– Catlover02 😺






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