Too Old, Yet Not Too Old

Who says I’m too old for American Girl Dolls?

American Girl, that’s who! They think I’m too old to play with their dolls. Dolls are for girls 8 – 13, they say.

Many teens collect the $100+ dolls, despite the price. Why? Because they love American Girl! They love the dolls, with their sparkling eyes and soft hair. They gaze longingly at the catalogs, and squeal over new releases. Going to the AG store is a dream come true to them (even if they just went last year.) The point is, teens still like American Girl dolls. If they don’t, they should. :)

Truly AwesoME Sweepstakes just started last week. I was so excited to enter. I thought it was weird that you didn’t have to put a parent’s name or anything  to enter. Okay, that’s easy! I thought. I tried to put in my birthdate, and it said I was too old. I was so disappointed. Catlover02 was allowed to enter though. It wasn’t fair. Teenagers should be allowed to enter.  I actually like AG dolls more now than I did when I was 10-13 years old!

I don’t know why AG put the age restriction on the contest. Maybe they’ve had problems with adults winning, and their target audience is girls from 8-13, hence the age limit. Oh well, I hope AG doesn’t do this on the next contest. But hey, Catlover02 and the other girls who entered probably have a better chance of winning because of the fewer entries.

I got the idea for this post from Jaclynn at Little House of American Girl.

Remember: You are never too old for dolls. Your dolls want to be played with!

– American Girl Doll Artist

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14 comments on “Too Old, Yet Not Too Old

  1. I said this over on “Say Hello to my Little Friends” …. Why not give two prizes away each week? One for over 13 and one for younger kids? A positive marketing approach that would say, hey, we have two fan bases that are different but very much appreciated. These prizes aren’t like a check for $50,000 that they couldn’t afford to do multiple times.

  2. yes i read that in the rules and have noticed in all the contests the age limit is 13. Oh well.